Monday, October 15, 2012

Project Pinterest: 'Wannabe' Garden District Mirrors

It's Project Pinterest time again! Mondays sure have been busy around here. You definitely want to check out this week's linkup for more yummy recipes and DIY ideas!

There are a few items that are a little bit too expensive for me to just buy for no real reason. They typically stay on my wish list until they go on sale, or I find a less expensive alternative. 

This is especially true for home decor. I buy a lot from Home Goods, but there are certain items from Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs that I find myself lusting over.

These Ballard 'Garden District' mirrors have been on this list for a while. I simply couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on them, so I kept looking for other ways to recreate the same look.

This, of course, brought me to Pinterest, where I found a few ideas from other ladies that had the same thought pattern.

I seriously considered buying a few cheap mirrors and trying to achieve the look myself, but the thought of tracing it by hand scared me. So, I put the idea on the back burner once again.

Until one day I was strolling through the Target aisles, and I did a double take. 

Aren't they gorgeous? I immediately grabbed one and placed it in my cart. Then, as I stood there thinking about where I would use it, I instinctively grabbed the last one on the shelf so I would have a pair. 

Although the price tag was a little higher than I expected to pay at Target ($59 each), I knew that the mirrors would be the perfect change for my living room. 

The living room on our main level is long and narrow, so I have been making a few small changes lately to try and make the room appear wider. 

My apologies for the quality of the after photo! I think the mirrors have opened up and brightened the room, and I am thrilled with  how the room looks at this point. 

I would still call this a work in progress. Do I need to add something else to the wall? Or perhaps add some art on the wall to the right instead of the picture frame?

I am now accepting suggestions on how to complete this project! Thanks in advance and Happy Monday!  


Anonymous said...

I was excited to see what your plan was for those gorgeous mirrors!

I agree, it gives the room an opened and brighter feel when you add mirrors :)

Anonymous said...

Those mirrors are very pretty! Love the difference in the before/after photo! I'm not sure that you would need to do anything else in regards to them, but then again, I'm still trying to figure out what it even means to decorate a home. We are slowly working on it! Maybe a picture above them?

In any case, they look great! :)


Shannon Dew said...

That looks so good! It really opens up the space! I love it!