Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days Challenge: My Life Before 30

Well, by now I'm sure you're familiar with this 31 Day linkup that is sort of taking the blogging world by storm today. The Nester is hosting this annual linkup again this year, and lots of my favorite bloggers are participating. It may be a challenge for me to keep up with the every day posting this month, but I think I am up for it.

Today is the first day of October. This also means that today is the first day of my birthday week. Typically, I am all sorts of excited for birthday week. I sometimes buy myself something new, often have birthday plans with my husband (yay, date night!), and usually get together with a few close friends. I have even been known to plan a little birthday costume party.

This year is different.

I find myself taken aback that I am entering the last year of my twenties. I see myself staring 30 right in the face, and I'm not ready. In fact, I'm scared. What do I have to show so far for my 29 years? Where did I think I would be at 30? What do I still want to accomplish? To see and do? What will I do with this next year to prepare myself for the next 30?

So, I am accepting the challenge. I plan to look inside of myself, maybe do a little soul searching, and figure out what this next year of my life will look like. And, I'm going to use this new month, and this challenge, to do so.

I hope you'll join me on this journey. And hey, maybe by the end of the month I will decide that 30 IS the new 20!

Don't forget to check out all of the other fabulous bloggers that are participating this month. There is no doubt that we can all find some humor, fun and inspiration!

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Love your topic! Love it! I turn 30 on November 11, and back in July, I started drafting my 31 Days posts... my original topic was 31 Days Until I Turn 30! Ha! But then I just thought I'd feel lots of pressure to do lots of things in those 31 days. :) Happy birthday week to you! I'm excited to read your posts!

Unknown said...

I am all about 30 being the new 20...since I'll be 30 in just a few weeks!

LWLH said...

Can't wait to see all you post this next month. :)

LWLH said...

Can't wait to see all you post this next month. :)

Shefali Lindsey said...

Hey lady! I stumbled across your blog through Melissa Manzione. I love the blogging community! Anyways, adore your blog!!! Live up your last year of a twenty-something. My hubby turns thirty this year, and I keep telling him, age is just a number. It doesn't define you or change anything. In fact, I think your thirties are some of the best years of your life. :) xoxo

Andie said...

As someone who is on the other side of 30 (i'm 35) embrace it!!! the 30s have been the best years of my life so far!