Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Letter to Me : 31 Days of My Life Before 30

Do you ever wish you could tell the high school you that 'everything will work out?' Just give your young self a quick glimpse of what the future holds, but leave enough out not to ruin the best surprises? 

I've been thinking an awful lot about what got me here to nearly 29 years old since I chose my 31 Days topic. And, if you had told me at seventeen what my life would look like in twelve short years, would I have been surprised? I can say with certainty that I would have been happy with what I saw, but my perspective was different as a teenager.

When I look back, I have memories of great friendship, arguments with my sister (which were more than likely over stealing each others' clothes), trying alcohol for the first time (remember wine coolers?!), heartbreaks, concerts, parties, road trips and so much more. 

I have often thought about whether I would do high school all over again. I think my answer is 'no,' but I definitely wouldn't change a thing about those four years and how they shaped me.

OK, I lied. Maybe I would change that one guy I dated, although he did help me to get over that other guy. And then there's the clothes, and the haircuts. In the wisdom of my 29 years, I may have offered a few words of advice to my seventeen year old self ...

  • Choose your battles. Especially with Mom. You will understand in a few years that she's just trying to do what's best for you.
  • Let loose every once in a while. You don't always have to be the designated driver, and three beers won't send you into a tailspin. Trust me, it will help you prepare for the college days to come.
  • Enjoy the shape you're in now, because in ten years, you will think of your body in a totally different way.
  • Look around at your five closest girlfriends. Maybe even your seven closest. These girls are the real deal. They will stick with you, and they'll still be there ten years from now. Don't take them for granted.
  • Have fun, meet new guys and no, the heartbreak after your high school boyfriend is not the end of the road. It's only the beginning.

I hardly ever think of myself as someone with real 'wisdom.' But, I'm not the same girl I was twelve years ago. I've been through a lot, and based on my track record, I think the best is yet to come. 

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Shannon Dew said...

oh i so need to write a letter to my younger self! a lot of it would be the same, especially the let loose part!!

Jordan said...

I love this... Even though I graduated in 2008 there really are a lot of things I'd tell myself. That I still need to tell myself... Maybe even things I can learn from you!

Like... "

"Just because your mom got married at 22 doesn't mean you need to."

"Don't settle. Ever." :) Learning day by day. Hope you had a nice day, friend!