Thursday, May 16, 2013

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If you were to wander into our bedroom on a random weekday, and take a peek through the nightstand drawer beside our bed, you would find a whole host of random items that have no other home. Only a few of them are bedside 'necessities,' but alas, they have all found there place tucked into that small drawer in the corner of our room. 
  • At least two tubes of chapstick. I seriously put the stuff one every night before bed, and again each morning once I'm dressed and ready for the day. You could say I have a slight obsession.
  • Tylenol & Tums - every pregnant girl's medicine cabinet has both of these in it, especially during the second half of their pregnancy. My bedside drawer just happens to be a much more convenient place for me to store these items in case I'm in desperate need.
  • Earbuds - I always keep a set of earbuds in my drawer to use with my iPad. If B is asleep and I'm fighting insomnia, or just can't stop watching old episodes of Felicity by 10PM, I pop those babies on and it gives me at least another hour of viewing time.
  • Basal Thermometer - yep, I still have my thermometer tucked away in my drawer. Of course, I'm no longer temping every morning, but I was for quite some time (or at least it felt that way). I'm sure it will hang out there until it's needed again someday. 
  • The pretty ring box from my engagement ring. I hardly ever actually put my ring in it, but it's such a pretty box, I couldn't part with it.
  • A few love letters and notes from B during the course of our relationship up until now. In the back of my drawer, there is a ziplock bag full of letters, notes and even a copy of our wedding invitation. Again, probably not the best place to store these things. I should really get on that.      
  • My iPad and/or Kindle - duh. 

It's a funny thing, how things collect in your bedside drawer. Maybe because you want to remember where you put them later, or maybe because you just need a place to hide things that would otherwise sit out and collect dust. 

As a woman, it was important for me to reserve a place in my bedside drawer where I could keep all of my 'essentials.' Like I mentioned above, this was my basal thermometer for most of last year, and the year before that, it was a handy place to leave my birth control for safe keeping. 

I am huge on reminders - on my phone, on a list, wherever I'll see it most. Perhaps your bedside drawer is the place you like to keep these things. Anything from coffee dates with friends to work functions to taking your birth control & booking appointments with your physicians. Did you know you can use for all of these things? (Reminders: ) Simply setup your reminders, and them have them sent straight to your smartphone! How convenient! Seriously

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Every girl has that bedside drawer that holds the bedroom essentials: their Kindle, a pair of reading glasses, sexy lingerie. – whatever fits their personality. No matter what your drawer says about you, there’s birth control that will fit right in. Find the best method for your routine and style at 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of

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