Friday, May 10, 2013

Organize Your Space :: A Linkup with Double the Fun Blog!

So, can we talk about nesting for a minute? Sheesh, it is a crazy thing. Each week I fill my to-do lists (both physical and mental) with all of the items I would like to accomplish around our home that weekend. These items can range from cleaning the bathrooms to organizing and folding every single item of baby clothing we have. And then some.

I typically do some type of 'Spring Cleaning' every year. We wash our windows, clean out our closets and drawers, and just try to start fresh when the weather starts to change. But this year is different. I made it my mission to go through and purge every closet and drawer in our home, and have been pretty successful so far. Other than our kitchen because, let's face it, who really wants to organize all of their kitchen cabinets? I will get it done before Gavin arrives.

But, one of the projects that I finally found the motivation to tackle, after reading about Aliya's upcoming 'Organize Your Space' linkup, was our bathroom cabinets and vanities. Since the recent completion of our master bath, we have been floating back and forth between it and our other upstairs bathroom, and I was having trouble remembering which vanity had what products in it. And poor B basically had to get ready in both bathrooms each morning before work.

So, last weekend, I went through everything I have collected over the last year, purged the old, and organized the necessary to leave us with much more streamlined bathroom storage, as well as a nice 'guest' bathroom space for when we have visitors. 

I started with the vanities, and could not believe how much stuff we have accumulated since moving into this house. How many sticks of deodorant and boxes of cold medicine does one couple need? I think it's safe to say that my toiletry list will be short for the next few months. 

Once I got rid of expired items, items we no longer use and things we just don't need, I was able to create a much more clutter-free space under the vanity in our guest bath. Now we have extra space for when visitors are in town, and for some of Gavin's things once he's big enough to warrant some bathroom vanity real estate. 

I had seen this pin months ago, and saved it for when we were ready to transition this bathroom into our guest bath. Then two weeks ago, I found that adorable iron stand at our local Hobby Lobby, and knew it was perfect for the look I was going for. 

Now, when my Mom comes to stay with us after G is born, she will have a place to keep all of her things, as well as some items right on hand, in case she forgets anything. I plan to change out the travel items with the seasons and/or as they get used, but love the simplicity and organization that it has given the counter tops of this vanity.

Next, I moved on to finish the storage space in our master bath. Since our bathroom is on the very small side, I knew we had to maximize our storage. And, since a 24" vanity can only lend itself to so many items, we purchased a wall mounted cabinet in the same espresso finish to hang over the toilet. 

This cabinet has been an absolute lifesaver. I was able to organize most of our everyday items neatly inside it, and it leaves our sink top clean and open. I did purchase a few organization bins from Home Goods to fit inside of the cabinet and vanity, and they helped organize all of our necessities even more.

Now that everything has a place, I feel like my Spring Cleaning has really started, and I might be ready to tackle the master bedroom closet! Or those annoyingly full kitchen drawers! 

What are you hoping to clean and refresh this Spring? Be sure to check out all of the fabulously motivating projects that are linking up over at Double the Fun today!


Anonymous said...

Nesting is the best :) Thanks for the link up post--I linked our updated laundry room too.

Ashley said...

I've been wanting one of those over the toilet storage things as well. The garage and getting rid of stuff that's been stored there since we moved in is what really needs to get done here...