Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The 'Before Baby' Bucket List

When I first started brainstorming for this post, I thought I would fill it with fun ideas about date nights, traveling and spoiling myself with massages and pedicures before G's arrival. But, what I've come to realize is that time starts flying by, and before you know it, your house is covered in baby things that need to be put together, washed and organized, and you then realize that your house is already closing in on you, and the organization you once took pride in throughout your home has been flipped on it's side. It is nesting at it's finest (or worst), and it has caused me to rethink my 'before baby' list.

So, in an effort not to lose my mind, I have formulated a plan of action for the next six weeks. I say 'six' weeks because I know there will be lag time, and I don't want to be organizing all.the.things up until the minute I go into labor. It is also worth noting that my pregnancy brain has gotten worse since the last time I mentioned it. So, if I am forgetting something important, please let me know! 

  • Enjoy final baby shower with some of my sweet girlfriends (coming up on June 9th) - soak it all in!
  • Organize all gifts, make any exchanges necessary
  • Categorize bins in nursery closet and fill with appropriate items
  • Organize diapers, wipes, first aid items, misc. items and diaper pail in changer
  • Go through drawers and decide which outfits to hang
  • Purchase remaining crib liners, sheets and protectors as needed
  • Wash all bedding, blankets, burp cloths
  • Complete nursery bookshelves
  • Pack Gavin's hospital bag - choose hospital and going home outfits
  • Pack my hospital bag (if you are looking for a great checklist for both you and baby, check out the Christian Blonde's complete list and FREE printable HERE!)
  • Purge and organize all kitchen drawers and cabinets
  • Make room in one cabinet for baby items
  • Wash pacifiers, bottles, etc.
  • Purchase and prepare breast pump for hospital
  • Setup Pack N Play, bassinet for our room, bouncer, rocker and swing
  • Oh wait, first remember to purchase swing
  • Install carseat and have it checked
  • Have house cleaned (scheduled deep clean for 6/29)
  • Plan and prepare freeze ahead meals
  • Make shopping list for food & household items (shop as close to due date as possible)
  • Complete childbirth and breastfeeding classes (scheduled for end of June/early July)
  • Organize guest room closet for extra baby items and storage
  • Remember to put my feet up
  • Try and squeeze in a mani/pedi or two
  • Download iPad movies for hospital & update Netflix instant queue
And we can't forget the few house projects we are hoping to complete, or the normal weekly workload I'll have for my clients. Oh, and did I mention spend time with my hubby in there? I'd like to make time for that, too, as much as possible. 

With the due date quickly approaching, I would say I have a full plate. Any advice for the home stretch?


Ashley Paige said...

Check with your insurance to see if they'll cover your pump. Ours didnt but some insurances do. And? You won't need your pump in the hospital so don't worry about that! they have better (hospital grade) ones there! ;)

Lynette said...

In response to AP... agreed you don't need your pump in the hospital. Also, my insurance did cover a pump, but you have to rent it. My co-worker said it was a HUGE hassle so I just bought my own. Your list is great though... there is so much to do before you have a baby. Just remember, if you don't check every single item off the list, life will go on and someone else will do it after the baby comes!!