Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Home Projects :: Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Basement

Don't you feel like basements are always the room in your home that is most likely to go largely unused?  This is a ton of wasted space that could be used to improve the quality of life and improve the value of your home.  Below are some great options for those of you looking to renovate your basement.

Home Office
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Millions of Americans every year either work from home or spend part of their working week from their home. Instead of working from your kitchen table or your bedroom, why not transform your basement into a home office?

The great part about a basement home office is that you can customize it however you want. For larger basements, you may want to section off a portion of the basement for your actual office and another section for a conference room. My home office is actually a separate room in our basement. So I can work quietly with the door shut, if necessary, and I have the apace (including a large closet) to store all of my business items and then some.

If you have a walk-in basement or can afford to dig out an entranceway into the basement, you can actually setup your home office to be entirely separate from your house.  This is great for those who work full-time from home.

One additional benefit is that if you use your office completely for work, you can qualify for a home office credit on your taxes.  Talk to your tax professional for more information on this.

Entertainment Room
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One of the top basement renovations that most homeowners choose is an entertainment room.  Your know, your basic 'man cave' in our house. You have several options when choosing an entertainment room.  This can be a room that is enjoyed by the whole family or can be completely transformed into your husband's own man cave.

Family rooms are a great choice as it gives everyone somewhere to go play and unwind.  You can put in a foosball table, a pool table, darts, or even some classic arcade games.  Entertainment rooms are fantastic for hosting home poker games as well.  You can use this tutorial on how to build your own poker table to create a quality table and save a ton of money.

When choosing this option, be sure to put in extra insulation for the basement to help block out the noise.

Additional Bedroom Space
Another fantastic option for a basement is to turn it into additional bedroom space.  Depending on the size of the basement and the purpose of the bedroom, you can create a second master bedroom or make a couple of smaller bedrooms.

If you are a family with kids sharing a bedroom, this would be a great option as it would give each child their separate bedroom.  You may even want to install a bathroom in the basement.  This will be both a convenience and a safety precaution for your family and guests.

Next, do what you can to make the bedroom not feel like it is in a basement.  Conceal pipes, wires,  and anything else that would give away that you are in a basement.  Another added plus to making a basement bedroom is that it will help increase the resale value of your home.

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