Monday, July 1, 2013

Before Baby To-Do's :: UPDATED!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our 'before baby to-do's' and all of the things that had been swirling around in my head that needed to be written down on paper so I could better tackle them. A friend gave me the idea to write out or type up a separate list for the items that I needed B's help with. Well, I would recommend that idea to anyone who is looking for their husband's help with some projects. B responded immediately and checked off close to half of his list that first weekend! 

In my typical type-A fashion, I added a few more items just as soon as I had crossed the first several off of my list. And so the pattern continued for two weeks or so. I finished baby laundry, shopped for last minute items, and re-organized his newborn and 0-3 month drawers one more time. Hospital bags were packed, childbirth class was attended and the carseat was installed. B finished building and installing new supports for our deck, had brand new railings installed in the house, and even stained and sealed them this past weekend. He also set up oodles of baby gear! Our house is practically covered wall to wall (or so it seems) with baby gear, and I am confidant that we have all the gear we will need to keep Gavin occupied, soothed and well taken care of once we bring him home. Plus, it will probably be a while before I'm ready to put him down :o)

Finally, on Saturday, we looked at each other and admitted, even if Gavin decided to make his entrance that night, we finally felt 'ready.' What does that mean? Well, I'm not certain, since I am a first-timer and all, but I think for us it means that we feel that our house has finally caught up to our hearts, and we have prepared for this little guy to the best of our abilities.

Late last week I had a sudden burst of energy and motivation to get a bunch of things completed that had been sitting on my personal and/or work lists for a few weeks. I let the productivity snowball Thursday and Friday and felt so accomplished. It was almost as though 90% of the items I would deem 'necessary to complete' before I go into labor were now completed or at least half way there, and this brought me a great sense of peace. 

Perhaps this is God's (and my body's) way of preparing me. I finally feel like I have some time to relax. It's sort of like having a quick out of body experience where you take a look at where you are, realize that there will be another person in your family in less than a month (hopefully!) and you just give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy the final days/weeks of the journey. 

My Mom called me last night while she was looking through my baby book and some old notes she had from when she was pregnant with me, and she has decided that Gavin is coming early based on her experiences and some of the symptoms I am already having. If I'm being completely honest, I have had the same feeling for the last week or two, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. With my luck, he will end up being a week or so late! 

What were the things that you spent your time enjoying and doing during the last days of your pregnancy?!


Ashleyrose said...

The last few weeks I was pregnant with my daughter I felt the need to clean everything...even things that were clean. I organized and reorganized her clothes more times than I can count. I just wanted everything to be in perfect order before she got here. The week before I had her I stopped doing that. I felt content that I had done everything I needed to do.
Take some time for yourself and relax! You're little man will be here before you know it! =)

Ashley Paige said...

Go see a movie or go out to dinner with Brandon. Everyone says your lives are about to change (for the better!) and never again will it ever just be about the two of you. Soak in that time- it's going to be a bit before you can tear yourself away from that beautiful squishy new baby for a date night! ;)

"B" said...

Mother's Intuition is hardly ever wrong. Get in your relaxing and pedi soon! From the day I found out I was expecting I "just knew" our babe would arrive around our anniversary. She made her appearance ON our anniversary - over a month early! Hopefully he stays in so he is good and baked before he makes his grand appearance! Cannot wait to see his precious face.

Sarah | Nurse Loves Farmer said...

Nesting can definitely be a sign baby is coming soon...not for my first baby, but fingers crossed for you! Honestly...go out and enjoy some you time and go on some dates with hubby. Unless you're going to formula feed or be comfortable giving baby breast milk in a bottle early're not going to leave that baby's side for a long time ;) It's so so awesome....but life-changing in the way that it'll never be just you or just you and him anymore. Soak up the last few days/weeks just enjoying it.

Sarah said...

isaiah and i feel that our house is finally ready too! i love how you worded it... house caught up with our hearts. we spent SO much money this weekend doing things with just the two of us and we thought heck, it could be our last weekend with us two! we went and saw movies at the theater, twins game, went to dinners, took a mid day nap, ate dinner outside on patios, walked our dogs etc etc. definitely get lots of you and B time in!!

Sarah said...

I love how you said your house caught up with your hearts. SO precious and yet, everything we do to prepare can be summarized in that sentence. Hoping you enjoy this final leg of your pregnancy!