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Traveling With Baby :: The Essentials

Although it may be some time before we are packing Gavin up for his first road trip, we do plan to travel with him. We have a beach trip planned for the very end of summer, and will definitely be venturing up to New Jersey to visit my family some time this fall.

When Ali, who you may recognize from The Christian Blonde, offered to share her checklist for traveling with your newborn, I knew I had to take her up on it right away!

Summer is finally here. What does that mean? Wedding Season, Family Vay-Cays, and Weekend Getaways. Just because you're a Brand-New Fierce Mama, DOES NOT mean you have to bail on all the festivities. The trick is to not get overwhelmed. Step One: CREATE A LIST. (That's where I come in.) Making a list is going to make you feel CONFIDENT in packing everything - so you can feel great as you take on your event by storm.

Having a Newborn is FULL of challenges, and there's a serious packing "learning curve" that takes place. You need to find that "sweet spot" when it comes to packing TOO LITTLE vs. TOO MUCH. (I tend to OVERPACK, but I secretly like that. I ALWAYS feel like I'm prepared to take on EVERYTHING.)

So I decided to come up with a FREE, PRINTABLE CHECKLIST for you! I decided to break it down with what to pack in your Carry-On, because, let's be honest: those are going to be the MOST IMPORTANT items you are going to need access to! Sometimes it's hard to "edit" what you think you're going to need - so here it is! Just download, print and check it off!

Carry On Items for a Fierce Mama & Her Newborn
Place The Following In Your Handbag:

Plane Tickets/Confirmation Number for E-Ticket: I know you can usually print these at the gate. However, when you are traveling with a little one, life can get complicated. Save yourself the hassle, and print them at home  --> trust me, the faster you are to the food court and picking out magazines, the happier you'll be.

Passports & Other ID: Double Check. Passport, License. Double Check Your Hubby's Too.

Hotel Information: Know Check In Times. Nothing is worse than not being able to check in when you think you're going to be able to. In the event that you are arriving early or late, find out where the nearest pizza place is. If your flight gets delayed, you and your Hubs may be starving and room service may stop at certain times. Also, if arriving early, and you have toddlers - considering packing a pool bag. If your hotel has a pool, nothing is better than easily pulling out that packed bag out of your suitcase, instead of fumbling through to find the little one's Swimmers Diapers. Packed pool bags can be a life saver. Not to mention, you'll totally look like Mom-Of-The-Year.

This may sound archaic, but, Driving Directions. If you're renting a car, have driving directions printed as a back-up.

Credit Cards/Cash: Always travel with extra cash. You never know who or when you're going to need the help of somebody, and be polite - tip. 

Cell Phone: This is a give-in. BUT, "Mommy-Brain" isn't just when you're pregnant, it carries over until your kids are 18 - so I've heard. Haha.

Pen: (I ALWAYS seem to need a pen.) 

What Belongs In Your Carry-On:
Glam Essentials: 2 Ziploc Plastic Bags for You and Hubby Containing:
Travel-Sized Toothpaste, Travel-Sized Mouthwash, Toothbrushes
Travel-Sized Shampoo, Travel-Sized Conditioner, Travel-Sized Body Wash
Travel-Sized Moisturizer, Travel-Sized Deodorant

^ You may wonder why I am telling you to pack all of these as mini's? Well, in the event that your flight is delayed, or cancelled... You may just eliminate stress on the baby, and opt to stay in a nearby hotel, and leave in the morning on an early flight. If you always have these essentials with you, you will be able to get refreshed, look you beauty best, and have a well rested newborn. Below are some additional items that I like to include with the Glam Essentials:

Travel-Sized Lanolin Cream (If nursing), Small Tube Neosporin, Travel-Sized Hand Sanitizer, Hair Brush, Hair Ties,  Cotton Swabs

Travel Essentials:

Cell Phone & Charger: Triple Check. This will ruin your trip if you forget it!

Tablet or Laptop & Charger and/or DVD Player (if baby is old enough) & DVDs, 

Headphones: I know that some parents are totally against over stimulating kids with stuff like this. HOWEVER, while on a flight, you'll be happy you packed it. Quiet Baby = Relaxed Flight (For EVERYONE Aboard!)

Camera & Charger: Duh. Haha.

At Least 1 Full Change Of Clothes For You: Odds are, if you're flying, the baby duties are probably going to fall on Mom. Babies can spit up, make a mess... and you will be happy you have a back-up outfit.

Plastic Bags For Possible Laundry: Your clothes, the baby's clothes... maybe your Hubby just spilled Honey Mustard all over himself. It happens. Have a plastic bag, so in the event something gets a little gross, it doesn't contaminate everything else.

Baby Essentials:

Diaper Bag for Baby: This does not go in your carry-on. This is the baby's carry-on. If you don't know where to begin with packing it, CLICK HERE. (It's my complete list of How To Pack A Diaper Bag: Newborn. If you need the Toddler Edition, CLICK HERE.) Some of the items BELOW can fit in your Diaper Bag. Utalize that. Pack AS MUCH AS YOU CAN in that bag. If you have any extra room - add more wipes.

1 Diaper Per Every Hour Of Your Journey, Plus One More: That is my formula when it comes to packing diapers. 1 per every hour you will be out, plus one more. If you're in a pinch, you can always pick more up when you get to your destination.

Wipes, Wipes and more Wipes!: You can never have enough. Period.

2 Full Changes of Clothes for Baby: Babies are messy. Be prepared for anything and everything. Especially for the temperature changes. Airplanes are generally cold - your little one may need an extra layer. When in doubt, pack footed pajamas. They're an instant outfit and keep your little one snug as a bug.

Breast Pump & Accessories (if you’re pumping)

Formula for Baby – at least 2 more feeds than you think you’ll need

Food for Baby – at least two more meals than you think you’ll need

Extra Pacifiers: Have them in at least 2 different locations. Have some in your handbag, some in your diaper bag, some in your carry-on. You never know what will be closest to you, when you need it.

Books/Toys: Distractions. The trick to packing the "right" toys for babies is: pack at least 2 of their FAVORITE things, partnered with 2 NEW things, that they haven't seen before. Keep life exciting. Haha.

Cooler for Baby: This is optional for your carry-on, but something I think you should always pack. Especially if you are going to a warm climate. Breast Milk, some formula, some teethers... need to be kept cold. You never know when you may need it.

Changing Essentials:

Diapers, Baby Wipes (Should already be packed. See above!)
Changing Pad, Disposable Changing Sheet, Zip Lock Bags: These should all be in your Diaper Bag! Click on the link, also listed above, if you need help with these!

Feeding Essentials:

Bottle Fed Babies – Clean Bottles
Breast Fed Babies – Breast Feeding Cover, Breast Pads, Scarf

Cleaning Essentials: 

1 Zippered Ziploc Bag for Baby Containing:
Liquid Baby Tylenol, Liquid Baby Dish Washing Soap, Travel-Sized Baby Shampoo/Wash, Travel-Sized Baby Moisturizer, Travel-Sized Diaper Cream

Cleaning Essentials: - Packed

Nasal Aspirator, Wet Ones, Tissues, Thermometer

Comfort Essentials:

Swaddle Blanket, Heavy Stroller Blanket, Burp Cloths, Baby's Lovey

Fierce Mama Essentials:

*These are also listed in the Diaper Bag Checklists. I would recommend ALWAYS to bring a sling/wrap, as well as stroller attachments!

Now you may be saying, thanks Al... but I have a Toddler! I know, I know.  So don't you worry.  The toddler list will be next! ...AND DON'T FORGET TO PRINT THE LIST!!

Happy Travels!

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Ashley said...

I know it's not 100% necessary, but I've had friends have issues... take baby's birth certificate (if he/she doesn't have another form of ID) just in case!
Also, I always live by the belief, as long as we've packed the things we can't buy when we get there, we're good :)
Last, I like to pack new unopened packages of diapers/formula just to make organization easier.