Monday, July 22, 2013

Bringing Home Baby :: Kicking Off Guest Posts From Some of My Favorite Mommy's!

Well, today is officially 'D-Day' (due date) week. I still cannot believe how fast this whole pregnancy flew by. I tried my best to savor all of the milestones and the moments. Truth be told, once we made it to the final stretch, I was so excited to meet our sweet boy that I was wishing the days away a bit. 

Since I may or may not have a beautifully squishy new baby boy by now, I decided to take  a short 'maternity leave' from writing, and have invited some of my favorite Mommy's to share some of their stories, advice and experiences for the next week or two here on my blog. I am thrilled to have each one of them, and find their advice invaluable! I am sure you will enjoy getting to know them a little better as well.

Kicking things off is one of my absolute favorite (fabulous!) Mommy's! Becky blogs at From Mrs. to Mama and I'm sure is no stranger to each of you. Her blog is among those that I read almost every day. From the beautiful photos of her children to the advice she gives on being a working Mommy (and wife!), I just adore her.  

And today, she is kicking things off with a beautifully written post about the overwhelming experience of bringing a baby into this world, and then bringing them into your home. I know you'll love this as much as I do!
Our son. Because bringing him home for the first time was just as memorable and important as our daughter. And I want him to be a part of this story as well.
I remember my first pregnancy as if it was yesterday. I remember the kicks, the rolls, the hiccups and the pains {yes, there were pains}. I remember feeling the anxiety during the last few weeks. Playing the guessing game of..."When will she be here." I remember all the excitement and love that we felt from our family and friends. And then...

She was born.

And your pregnancy and your life before this child somehow, not sure how, just becomes a blur. This child is placed into your arms and you feel this sudden flood of emotions. Two days at the hospital, lots of busy paperwork, tests, and "protocols," and then you are off.

They send you home. 

Just like that. You went into the hospital as a little family of two {or for us three, if you count our dog} and then you come out with a tiny, helpless, beautiful baby in your arms to take with you. They actually let you take the baby home.

And it all becomes so.. natural.

I never realized how I would feel when I brought our first child home. I honestly had no idea that I just had that natural ability to mother. They tell you about this feeling. They explain to you while you're pregnant that you'll "just get it," but until you are there, until you are doing your first bath, diaper change, pats on the back, and cradling and rocking.... you just have never imagined you had it in you.

I knew I wanted to be a mother from the time I was a young little girl. In fact, it was the one thing in my life I was sure of. That I wanted to have children and show them the world. To teach them. Guide them. And love them like I never knew I could.

And here I am, with this brand new two day old child in my arms, and I get to do that. I get to start this journey of parenthood. A dream I never could imagine would come true.

I remember taking her upstairs that day. Closing the door. Turning on the sound machine. Closing off the world and commotion downstairs. I remember sitting in the rocking chair. In the nursery that my husband and I worked so hard to put together. In the house that we had purchased that year so that we would have a home to bring this baby to. I remember. Rocking there and looking at my daughter sleeping. Touching her hands. Kissing her soft forehead. Taking in every feature, every part of her, every thing I ever dreamed of. I never knew how much I would love her until that moment. Tears falling down my face.

And I made her that promise. That day. That moment. That no matter where we are in life, no matter what challenges we face down the road, no matter what we agree or disagree on, that we would always be together as a family. That we would love her no matter what decisions she makes down the road. That she can be whatever and whoever she dreams on being. And that we would always be her biggest fan.

Bringing home our children has always been such a sacred and cherished memory in our lives. It's the beginning of a new chapter. The beginning of a new book. One that we will dust off one day and read. One that we will be able to tell our children and grandchildren about one day.

So to the new parents-to-be, Pam and your husband, I wish you two an easy transition, a smooth recovery, health and happiness, and a wonderful start to this journey known as parenthood.

It will have its challenges. Its bumps in the road. But it's definitely...more than definitely... worth every bit of it.


Jess Beer said...

This is beautiful! I love reading Becky's blog too! Thinking of you and hoping Gavin makes his debut soon!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful story! I am so looking forward to bringing home my little girl in 9 weeks! :)

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful post!

Unknown said...

I actually found your blog through Becky's. I love starting my morning sipping on coffee reading both of your posts. Can't wait to hear all about the baby joining the love nest.