Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things One Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman :: Amen!

Hey friends of our Our Love Nest! My name is Catalyn from Confessions of a Northern Belle and I am blogging today for the beautiful new Momma while she is out on maternity leave with her new bundle of joy. I have been following Pamela for awhile now because I am expecting too! She asked me to write about something on the topic of pregnancy - so I chose to do a little segment called....

 Things One Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Being 21 weeks pregnant, I have heard quite a few comments that were a bit shocking and uncalled for. I don't know what it is, but for some reason people think they can say anything they want to a Momma-to-be.

"I could tell you were pregnant just by how wide your hips and butt have grown." - a fellow coworker when I was 11 weeks.
"Maybe you should lay off the fruit - it is only going to make you gain more weight." - a midwife whom I will never see again
"You look good with some weight on you." 

I am sure the comments will continue to roll in the further along I get in my pregnancy. I finally popped around 17 weeks, so in the beginning it was mostly, "You don't look like you're pregnant!" That was a little frustrating, because I was excited to be pregnant and I kept hearing that I "wasn't." 

I decided to ask some real Moms who've been around the pregnancy block a few times and a lot of the comments had to do with weight gain. Don't people know that you NEVER comment on a woman's weight - even if it is because she is carrying a baby?

Here is a list of the most awful comments they've ever received (or heard):
"Are you growing that baby in your ass?"  

"Are you sure you aren't having twins/triplets?"   

Look at the father of the mom-to-be and say, "You know what she's been doing!" 

"Being heavy is only temporary."

"You look like you're going to blow away any minute."

"How many weeks are you?" - AFTER she's had the baby

 "Wow you got huge since the last time I saw you.

"Your face got really fat, so I think it's a girl."

From my friend's husband, "They say girls take your good looks, so this time we are definitely having a girl."... then he tried to cover it with, "Well, you're so beautiful you can stand to lose some of your good looks."

And lastly...."Some women get hair on their face when they're pregnant along with big brown blotches... but I'm sure you won't."

Are you expecting or already have a little one of your own?? What are some of the worst things you have heard said to a pregnant woman? Please share! 

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Amanda said...

I haven't had too many people say anything about my looks, but my mom commented on the size of my butt the other day. I told her all those genes come from her side of the family so it's her fault! I popped around 13 weeks and now people are starting to notice and nervously asking if I am pregnant.

Ashley said...

Most of the things said about/to me were weight, and I did gain a lot of weight so after a while you just learn to not let it bother you. What I couldn't get over is why everyone, even strangers, thought it was ok to touch me!

Jessica said...

I mostly got 'oh you're so big, but it's all baby'. Really?! Thanks a lot. The worst was, I had started going to yoga about 10 weeks post-partum and post c-section and the instructor told me I shouldn't be doing that class since I'm pregnant! I was not only mortified but fuming. I sternly told her I was trying to get back in shape after just having a baby! Grrrrr. People can be so rude!

You look fabulous lady!

Sarah said...

i have a post like this going up on friday - about being overdue now tho!
i was APPALLED when someone asked if i can still walk. is this real life?! some people!

Unknown said...

Haha too funny, and sadly so true! One of the worst parts of pregnancy were people's rude comments

Serenity Mizuhana said...

I had a few people say im too young yet im 21 and i had a few others say im small yet my stomach looks big for three months and with twins. They think im not having twins yet im growing too big for one baby amd less than 4 months. I had to have the strength not to snap at them tho i wanted to