Friday, July 12, 2013

To Our Precious Baby Boy ...

Dearest Gavin,

I felt the need to sit down and write to you one more time before you join our world. As I sit here in my office on a warm July morning, feeling you wiggle and nudge inside my belly, I wonder exactly when we will meet you. Maybe today, tomorrow, or perhaps you'll give us a real run for our money and make us wait a few more weeks.Will you have your Daddy's blue eyes and a full head of dark hair like I imagined?

There are so many uncertainties in the weeks leading up to welcoming your first child. Perhaps God meant for it to be this way because the excitement and curiosity were just another part of the miraculous journey of creating and bringing a new life into the world. Your Momma doesn't deal well with feeling completely out of control, so these last few days have been trying for her, to say the least. Your Daddy is excited, and as you will learn quickly, is the more patient and mild spirited one of your two parents. But, the mixture of type-A crazy and laid back comfort that we each bring to the relationship has allowed us to find a peaceful and loving balance in the life and the home that we have spent the last three years preparing for the day you would join us and make us a family.

Your Momma and Daddy have also spent the last two and half years raising your furry sister, a black lab mix named Riley that we are sure will be your best friend very soon. She is sweet spirited, spunky and absolutely loves to snuggle! She has taught us patience, unconditional love, and how to operate on less sleep than we were used to. These are all lessons that we are happy to have learned, or at least been exposed to, before you were born.

Your Momma has spent most of the last few months preparing a perfectly decorated, comfortable, soothing and all 'boy' nursery for you just two doors down from our room. And, although we don't know how long it will take for you to actually start sleeping in there alone, we are filled with excitement for the moments we will share in that room together.

But don't worry, we have also set up baby gear specifically for you in every room in our house. No matter where your day takes you, there is bound to be something close by for you to nap in, and we certainly don't have a shortage of makeshift 'changing stations' in our house.

Gavin, Daddy and I have prayed for you for a long time, and we can hardly believe that you will really be here with us so very soon. There are so many other people that cannot wait to meet you as well! You have four wonderful grandparents that cannot wait to start spoiling you, plenty of fabulous aunts and uncles, and two older boy cousins that have graciously started paving the road for you, sweet boy.

God has truly blessed our family in so many ways, and we know that bringing you into this world will multiply those blessings and our love for each other, for God, and especially for you, the little dude that made us parents. We already know that you are going to come in your own time, when you are good and ready. And if you're like your Daddy, that may even mean you'll be a few weeks late! No matter when that moment comes, we will be waiting with bated breath and open arms. We just know that you will be our perfect blessing, and we cannot wait to see our life with you unfold.

All our love,

Momma & Daddy
July 12, 2013


Unknown said...

This is so sweet, I started tearing up while reading it :')

Ashley Brickner said...

SO sweet! Best of luck to you, momma!

Little Mrs. said...

Very sweet! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I had my baby girl! As you have heard probably a million times it goes so fast! This time last year I wrote a letter to my unborn daughter and I remember vividly the anticipation of her arrival and how exciting and scary it was! Praying for a safe arrival for you and baby Gavin!

Katie F said...

How sweet! Praying for a safe and quick arrival for you and baby Gavin. I look forward to reading about it

Cajun Cowgirl said...

So sweet! I pray everything goes well with delivery and that you enjoy these last few days as simply husband and wife before your family grows. What a blessing!