Tuesday, July 2, 2013

37 Weeks :: FULL TERM, Baby!

It is OFFICIAL: today we are 37 weeks and considered FULL TERM! If I wasn't waddling around, and feeling absolutely enormous, I would definitely not believe that we have made it this far already. This has truly been the quickest nine months of my life! 

Not a whole lot has changed since my last update but, nevertheless, I felt the need to celebrate a little this morning. I finally realized how important it is to journal your experiences through pregnancy. I could hardly believe how detailed and accurate the notes that my Mom took while she was pregnant with me were when she called to share them with me on Sunday evening. We found some similarities and some differences in our first pregnancy stories, and I got to learn about a part of my Mom that I had never really asked about before.

I feel so lucky to be sharing in this experience with my husband, both of our families and many friends. So many people are already so excited to welcome Gavin into this world. It is hard to not let thoughts of him and how he will fit into our little family completely consume my days.

At this point, he could pretty much come anytime. I am hoping to make it at least another week or two, just to let him grow some more, but with each passing day, I become even more anxious and excited for when the moment will finally happen.

We're not doing a whole lot to 'celebrate' reaching full term, unless you consider my two hour breastfeeding class tonight a celebration. But, we do have our sonogram scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning, and I think B is even planning on tagging along with me to see our boy!

After all of the worrying, the planning, the fear and the learning we went through last year, I am incredibly thankful for where we are today. I know that God already knows how and when Gavin will be born, and even what he looks like! And as much as I wish I could plan it all out, and know exactly what to expect, that is never going to happen, so I am just trying to have faith and know that no matter what happens over these next three weeks, it will all be worth the pain, anxiety, discomfort and struggle that will get us to the moment we hold our sweet boy for the first time. 

So cheers to 37 weeks! Maybe I'll celebrate a little extra this afternoon with a glass of the Fre (alcohol removed) champagne that B brought home for me on Sunday :o)


Aliya said...

Woo hoo!!! Picture me chanting, "Full term! Full term! FULL TERM!!!" ;) Can't wait to meet NEPHIE!!!

Unknown said...

Just linked to your blog from double the fun. I have an 18 month old and its kind of exciting reading your posts and being on the other side. It goes so fast. I know every one says that but man is it true. I just posted a post baby must have on my blog if you want to check it out.


Sarah said...

Yay! What a beautiful thing to celebrate! So excited for your little family!

Amanda said...

I've only got 26 now weeks till I'm there and it seems so far away!!! Congrats :)