Friday, December 2, 2011

A Tidy Brain Dump

Can I just start by saying that I cannot believe that it is December?! But, since it is the beginning of the month, why not start it out with a brain dump a la bullet points?!

  • Our house is coming along pretty well! We have the main (living) level almost completed, but still have some work to do (both organizing and renovating) on the bedroom and basement levels. I promise I will start posting some before and after's soon!
  • I have gotten back into the kitchen, and have found, or been told about, some fantastic new recipes! I'm excited to see how they turn out and to share them :)
  • My house is almost totally decorated for Christmas (yay!), but I cannot seem to find the motivation to get my garland up around my front door. Will someone please come help me?
  • I recently found a new favorite champagne thanks to a "congrats on becoming homeowners" gift from our mortgage broker after settlement. Martini & Rossi Asti has become my new favorite, and at $14.99 a bottle, I'll take it while I can get it!
  • I'm participating in two holiday blog swaps this year, and I'm SO excited! This will be my first experience with swaps, and I can't wait to see the ladies that I've been paired with blog about the items that I'm sending their way :o)
  • I love my husband and I love taking care of our home, but I cannot STAND folding and pairing every single pair of socks he throws in the laundry every week. I never knew one man could go through so many pairs of socks?! Patience is a virtue, right?
  • Speaking of my little family, that adorable puppy we have? Well, she decided it would be fun to grab my iPhone off of the bed yesterday morning while I was in the shower, and eat most of the beautiful, new Kate Spade phone case. Drats.
  • My Christmas shopping is 95% complete. I just need to figure out if I'm done shopping for B and get to wrapping!
  • Another item that's been on my list every day, but I can't seem to get it started? Hand addressing each of the 90-100 Christmas cards we'll send out this year! The cards are so cute, so why can I not just start writing out those darn envelopes??
  • If you have some friends or family on your holiday shopping list that you have no gift ideas for, you might want to head over and check out this month's Thirty~One deals! Until December 12th, for every $31 you spend, there are five items you can choose from for just $5 each!! Here's my site, if you're interested in shopping!
  • And, one last thing. I couldn't help but share one of my new favorite holiday songs with you! Who doesn't love Michael Buble'? And this year, he put out a new Christmas album. It only took me about two listens to find my favorite track. Enjoy!!

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kourtney said...

I'm the same way with socks. I think my husband changes his every other hour! I now have been leaving those until's the biggest part of the folding job!
I only have about 60% of my shopping completed, good for you! My husband STILL hasn't made up his mind!