Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fun for the Holidays: Blogger Ornament Swap!!

Today's blog swap was hosted by Julie and Megan! I got into this swap at the last minute, and I'm glad I did! A traditional holiday blog swap, we were tasked with picking out ornaments for our partners!

I was paired up with Kayla from Keeping Up With Kayla. In true blogger fashion, once I knew Kayla was my partner, I headed over and did some blog stalking and started to think of what types of ornaments she would like! Kayla is a loving girlfriend and auntie, so I wanted to get her a few sparkly things to show her that I recognized all the love in her life!

Once I found the perfect ornaments, I sent them on their way, and anxiously awaited the arrival or my little package!

Late last week, my package arrived, and I was so impressed with the ornaments that Kayla had chosen for me! It's so funny to see how much you can learn about someone through their blog. Kayla and I each picked out two ornaments, and I am just loving mine!

Aren't these ornaments just gorgeous?! I love the sparkly details, and they match perfectly with the theme I already had going on my tree this year!

A special thanks to Kayla, Julie and Megan for allowing me to participate in this year's swap, and for trimming our tree with a little extra sparkle this year!!


Anonymous said...

Yaaaay!!! So glad you liked them honey!!!!

& not sure what that is on the box???????????

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

That key is BEAUTIFUL! This is definitely one of my favorites so far! Thanks so much for participating in our swap! :)

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Oh, and your blog design is ah-dorable! :)