Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maternity Fashion :: 1st & 2nd Trimesters

I am new to this whole 'pregnant, maternity, Momma-to-be' part of my life, but I feel like I'm learning quickly what works and doesn't work for me. Isn't that what we are all faced with in the months we are pregnant? As long as forty weeks really is, it seems to fly by.

If there is one thing I do know, it's how to shop. I was raised in a family of mostly women with a mother who liked to shop. So, it's in my blood. I love to buy a new top just for one night out, and I am rarely seen in the same dress at more than one or two fancy functions. I don't splurge on super expensive threads, but I do shop, and my closet is practically bursting at the seams with an eclectic collection of styles, colors, cuts and brands.

For the first twelve weeks of my pregnancy, there was really not much need for any maternity garb. But, in my world, there is always a need for online shopping of some sort. Or at least browsing.

I wanted to start with the basics. My schedule is always changing and very flexible, so I knew my wardrobe would be the same. And, since I already owned at least ten pairs of leggings, I decided I would put them to good use until they started to get uncomfortable.

Lucky for me, I have friends and family who have been to this rodeo before, and they were more than willing to share their tips, tricks and advice with me. I adapted their advice, my style and what I find myself grabbing from my closet most mornings and put together my own Maternity Fashion post.

There were three things I knew I would need, even in the early parts of my pregnancy, so I started by purchasing what I will call my three basic staples.
  1. Maternity Leggings - when the band in some of my leggings began to feel and look too tight on my tiny bump, I went to two places for maternity leggings; Old Navy and Target. When it comes to size, I ordered either my pre-maternity size, or one size up just in case. Both of these legging options are full panel, so they cover most of my belly. Right now, I prefer that type of fit, but I'm sure that is bound to change once I get bigger and the weather gets warmer. 
  2. Belly Bands - After hearing that the belly band would change my life from multiple people, I bought a black one at Target and also received a nude colored one from a friend as a hand-me-down. I have to say, it is true about the life changing. I popped on a pair of my pre-maternity skinny jeans the other day with one of my bands and I was surprised by how comfortably they fit!
  3. Maternity Tanks - This may be the most important part of this entire post. I wish someone had told me about how wonderful Old Navy tanks were before now. I swear I will wear them, pregnant or not, until they start to fall apart. If you are newly pregnant, or just looking for tank tops that are long enough, soft enough and stretchy enough, invest in any and every color that Old Navy offers. I have about six of them so far, and I plan to keep adding to my collection over the next few months. I don't know if I will ever buy another style tank again.

Once I added these items to my wardrobe, everything got much easier. I was able to style the clothes I already had around my growing bump for a while.

When I hit fourteen weeks or so, I needed a few more tops to cover up the bump. I think I popped pretty early, so my experience may be a bit different than others. When shopping maternity tops, I stuck with soft, fun, cotton and turned mostly to Old Navy and Gap

Each morning when I stand in my closet looking for inspiration, I typically start with the top and work my way down. I found that a combination a maternity and non-maternity tops paired with cardigans, vests and scarves works best for me.

And, since I can't wear leggings every single day (much to my dismay), I thought a pair or two of comfortable maternity jeans would help to round out my collection. I went to Pea in the Pod, Gap and Motherhood to try on jeans. Truthfully, I thought for sure I would invest in a pair of Joe's or Citizens and call it a day. But, I decided to head to Motherhood before I pulled the trigger, and I am so glad that I did.

I found two pairs of jeans that fit great, made me feel great and the price tag didn't make me cringe! 

I would definitely recommend investing in maternity denim. It makes me feel more put together, and like I can actually dress up on the days when the leggings just aren't cutting it. Plus, I'm sure my husband appreciates me getting a little dolled up every once in a while since my window of having enough time to get myself ready each morning is shrinking quickly.

My two biggest tips for maternity wear? Rock the form-fitting tops and tanks. Show off the belly, and even feel free to grab a skinny belt to accentuate the bump and the tiniest part of your waist. Or whatever is left of it!

The three styles above have quickly become my favorites, so expect to see my in a lot more of the same over the next few months. I haven't even begun to break into my maxis and maternity dresses yet, so expect another post from me once this weather warms up and I've grown a size or two.

Where are your favorite places to shop maternity?


Emily said...

most of my maternity stuff has come from old navy and gap, plus a few tops from target. i love my gap khakis and black pants (so comfy!) for work, and their jeans are awesome too! since i knew i'd be getting the most wear out of my maternity pants, i was okay with spending a little more on those pieces. that being said, i think that all of the stuff i've bought has been on sale or i've had a gift card! score!

love accentuating my bump with a skinny belt too! :)

Ashley said...

Your three must haves are perfect! I even used a lot of longer regular camis to help cover my belly so I could continue to use regular shirts longer. My belly was HUGE. Seriously, people thought I was ready to burst around 5 months and when I told them I wasn't, they asked if I was having twins... so getting my wardrobe to last as long as possible was crucial.

Those belly bands are nice for post-natal as well, especially after maternity jeans are too big but you aren't quite comfortable in regular jeans.

I did most of my shopping at Motherhood, but Target and Old Navy were my other stores. Unfortunately our Old Navy doesn't have maternity so I had to order everything online. I didn't even realize they had maternity until my third pregnancy, wish I'd known sooner :(

Nicole-Lynn said...

Hey girl I'm finally venturing over to your blog (from IG) haha You make the cutest preggo! I love all of your updates!

I'll hopefully be able to put this advice to good use soon! lol Thanks for the tips!

Mateya said...

I definitely got almost all of my stuff from Gap, ON, and Target. Leggings are seriously a pregnant chick's best friend, but I agree, it is nice to dress a big every once in awhile :)

I never did like the belly band, not sure why, and I didn't like anything with a full panel either.

It'll be nice once the weather warms up because you will find that dresses will become your go-to item!

You're bump looks adorable!

Erin said...

I couldn't agree more! Form fitting tees & tanks actually make you look SMALLER...I don't wear anything that makes a tent-belly. It's just not my style and it makes me feel huge! Most of my maternity stuff come from ON, Target & Pea in the Pod - and I never stopped wearing maternity tanks between pregnancies! The length & softness is so great!

Lynette said...

Gap maternity leggings are the BEST!! I didn't buy any until the third trimester and wish I would have bought them sooner. I also loved the full panel in the beginning, but couldn't stand it once I got bigger. These leggings are lower in the front and the band is super comfortable. And they make them in cropped for when it's warmer. Highly recommend!

Ashleigh said...

I love the outfits on you! They are too dang cute...

Sarah said...

Belly band was my fav during pregnancy... and post delivery too!!!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

yes.yes & yes. Although I didn't have a belly band I did have a stockpile in long tank tops and did a lot of layering, i love the skinny belt look too!!


Sonja said...

You are so teeny tiny! It looks like you swallowed a basketball! :)

I didn't wear maternity clothes so I'm no help in that area but the outfits are awesome! I love the skinny belt and wish I would have thought about that!!

Julie Rogers said...

Newest follower, found you From Mrs to Mama;) Almost done with my pregnancy and just waiting to put on some regular clothes again!!!! Looking forward to reading more, hope you check us out at!


Megan said...

ON was my favorite place for maternity clothes too! Their denim, tanks and leggings were seriously my favorite!! I got a few cute blouses from desitnation maternity (the outlet) and they were GREAT with blazers for work or leather jackets for date nights!

Work that bump girl!! You look SO great!! :) How are you already 20 weeks?! Time is flying!! Can't wait to hear baby boys name!! :)