Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just A Few Differences in Preference In Our House

Many of you may not know that I grew up with two sisters and a brother. There was a lot of estrogen in our house. And, lots of talking. Always. B, on the other hand, is one of three boys, so his life was just the opposite. 

When you blend two people like that, you're bound to find some difference in preference. Am I right?

The other thing I should mention is that we always watched TV in our house growing up. Unless we were doing homework or eating dinner together as a family, you would more than likely find a TV on in at least one room in our house. Over the years, vegging out while watching an episode of Friends (that I had already seen approximately 12 times, might I add) became the way I relaxed.

From what I've been able to gather about B, they weren't allowed many TV viewing hours during the week in his house. They took to reading a book or playing basketball or lacrosse outside instead. 

Then one day, these two different people got married, bought a house, and decided that one TV was enough for them to share in their new home.

Boy, has that proven to be a challenge. 

While B and I both love watching NFL football and movies, and hardly ever skip an episode of Modern Family or Cake Boss, that is pretty much where our similarities in this area end. 

We have had countless 'compromising sessions' over whether to watch the rest of Restaurant Impossible, or switch over the this week's episode of Bachelor Pad. 

You see, I am a huge ABC fan. I mean, huge. I watch pretty much every prime time TV show they air. And, of course, there's Bravo. B hangs out more in the area of HGTV and/or The Food Network. Our DVR has been a godsend, but then there are always the nights where I set two programs to record simultaneously, which is B's mind is an absolute no-no. 

So, what do we do about this difference in preference in our house? Set time limits, narrow down my viewing list, buy another TV?! Does anyone else have this problem? I love relaxing on the couch with my husband, but this girl also loves her shows! 


Anonymous said...

We have that same problem. I'm a total ABC junkie and we always seem to run into issuses with our DVR because I have at least two shows a night that record and some of those are on a the same time. So I've had to resort to watching shows online. Most major channels will post their shows online and you can also get them on Hulu. If you have hulu plus you can stream them to your TV if you have all the right stuff (I do it through my Blue-Ray player) for $8/month or you can just watch it online for free.

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

We have the same problem now. We sold 2 tv's with our house when we moved into an apartment while our new house is being built and now I get the shaft. But, for you, since you are home during the day, why don't you record your shows for daytime viewing and sit with him for his night time viewing? I'm not home during the day, so I'd never be able to watch what was recorded anyways, but for you it might be perfect. Lunch break, morning coffee???

Whitney Ellen said...

Oh man, you are not alone. As I'm sure you know. If I could capture C's face in a photo when I turn on So You Think You Can Dance it would be priceless. It's like I'm watching a foreign language, black and white movie. haha!

Katie said...

I think this happens to everyone! Luckily my husband and I had no issue agreeing to 2 tv's and 2 dvr's. Now if only I could get to the shows I recorded on the downstairs TV when he's playing a game on it, we'd be all set!

Shannon said...

If we only had one tv in our house we might end up divorced! j/k. We have 3 tv's plus a DVR which is a Godsend because we don't have many shows that we watch together. However there are many nights I'll forego watching something just so that I can hang out with him and watch tv together.

Jackie said...

We have two tvs and two dvrs since we don't agree on all shows. My husband doesnt like things to sit on the dvr too long so we had to get a 2nd box as my shows were getting deleted or if I went to bed early and he caught up on a show we watch together, it was gone before I got to watch it.

Emily said...

We watch a lot of the same shows, but there are some that only he watches and some that only I watch. Thankfully, having two TVs and two DVRs keep both of us happy and up to date on our shows. :)

Ashley Paige said...

Wow. I feel like such the minority with only 1 TV in our house! Truth be told- we have more Curious George and Thomas on our TV than Housewives ;) Also? B and I would be awesome tv watchers together- we watch all the same shows! LOL! Chopped and Restaurant Impossible are two favorites around here. I like Annie's idea- I'll bring the boys over during the day for champs and reality TV ;)

Holly Tompkins said...

We had the same problem when we lived in our apartment right after getting married. When we moved into our house we decided just to get internet and netflix and watch one show series at a time. (Right now we are on season 4 of Lost.) It cut down on the Great Show Debate but movies are still an issue..... all my husband likes is Starwars and really you can only watch the same six movies so many times.

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

I am a HUGE ABC fan too! Love Revenge--can't wait for it to come back in Sept! Along with Once Upon A Time :) We will usually watch his shows (Restaurant Impossible, Chopped, something I can get into) during dinner and then I watch my shows after. My hubs can't stand watching Bach Pad with me, so usually he'll go into a different room and watch TV or play on the computer lol.

I would love for you to stop by and check out details on my new fun link-up:

Anonymous said...

We have one TV also, and I usually win :) I pick my battles though, and thank GOODNESS for DVR! I recently discovered your blog, Pam. Love it! (It's Tristan by the way, just started my own tiny blog).