Monday, August 27, 2012

A Monday Brain Dump

It's Monday. Again.  Although I'll be participating in Becky's Show & Tell Monday again this afternoon, I couldn't help but make some time (and room) for a brain dump. It's been a while.

  • It seems more common than ever before that everyone is ready for summer to end, and fall to begin. Believe me, I am right there with you.
  • Although October is by far my favorite month, I am so excited for September. Football games, apple picking, weddings and fall TV starts so soon!
  • Speaking of the new fall lineup, is anyone else intrigued by this new ABC show, '666 Park Avenue?' I have been seeing endless commercials for it, and the cast looks pretty great, so I'll likely be giving it a shot. Obviously, I'm the most excited for the return of Revenge. If you're not already watching, catch up ASAP. This show is my favorite. 
  • OK, so this 'dump' may be mainly about the fall, but I am SO excited to start cooking soups and crock pot meals, and to get a chance to get back in riding boots and colored skinnies!
  • I've been doing a lot of DIY'ing again lately, so prepare yourself for a bunch of tutorials coming to the blog over the next few weeks. A 'Date Jar,' 'Kitchen Command Center,' and new Fall Wreath, just to name a few.
  • Lastly, I'll leave you with one of my favorite new songs. My absolute favorite new song is Maroon 5's new one, 'One More Night,' but the new Taylor Swift song is just adorable. Let's just say that if it had come out while I was a junior or senior in college, my girlfriends and I would have been obsessed


Britt said...

AHHH that song gets stuck in my head so easy! I can't stand her (seriously, she needs to get out of my hometown and stop making on the Kennedy's) but her songs are always so damn catchy.

Britt said...

Making = macking. Darn phone.

JennOvey said...

I can't wait for fall to get here either. Mostly because like you, I'm so excited for chili, soups, and crock-pot meals.

Julie said...

That new show 666 does intrigue me, because that young guy in the previews was from Brothers & Sisters and I loved that show! I'm excited for a lot of the fall shows :)

Lauren said...

Taylor Swift's song is SO catchy!! Love it!!! :)

Shannon Dew said...

I've never heard this song! TOo cute!!

Noe said...

Seriously I always enjoy your music suggestions! Since I'm a southamerican it always helps me to stay tuned with the latest hits.
OH! I'm so jealous for you guys! Fall is my favorite season by far... and specially colorfull and full of the most delightful things... such as candles, fall deco, pumpkin and banana bread... oh my!

Jessica said...

Annnddd now this song is stuck in my head ;)