Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Things I Want To Remember for 'The Second Time Around'

Pregnancy is a funny thing. Your body is constantly changing, growing and surprising you. There are many things that no one really talks about, and then there are the 'normal' things. Not all of them will happen to you, and some things that do happen may seem like they can't possibly be normal. 

I've done a pretty good job of cataloging my first pregnancy. I take a picture or two of my outfit or just my belly about once a day. I have been amazed at how much different I look in just a few short weeks' time. We're cruising right into the beginning of the third trimester now and that floors me and frightens me at the same time. As the 'weeks left' number falls closer and closer to single digits, I find myself thinking of all of the things we need to complete and prepare for before the big day arrives. 

But, there are some things I want to remember for 'the next time.' B and I intend to have more than one child. In fact, he already knows that it is my plan to do whatever it takes to get to the number three. So, for the next time we decide to take another ride on the pregnancy train, I want to remind myself of the following items ...

  • While it was fun to stock up on pregnancy tests, you do not, in fact, need to pee on five different ones to get a 'confirmed' positive. One positive is usually good enough, but I'm sure you'll go back for a second to be sure
  • Keep the pregnancy a secret between just you & B for as long as you can. It is something so truly special and means so much for your little growing family. Try to savor at least a few days with the news before you go shouting it from the rooftops.
  • Macaroni & cheese can be an acceptable meal as long as you don't abuse it. Eating a double portion of cheesy pasta twice a week for a 'late lunch' should be limited to the best of your ability.
  • Belly bands are your friend. Use them more often. Wear those cute jeans you just bought a few more times before tight denim feels like a death grip around your mid-section. 
  • Learn to nap. I am sure this comes in handy with a newborn around as well, but take time for yourself, even in the form of fifteen quiet minutes on the couch without feeling like you need to switch the laundry or start dinner. It makes a world of difference.
  • Do not plan road trips that exceed two hours in the car after 25 weeks. This can lead to intense discomfort in your rib cage, as the baby can't find quite enough space to move around when he/she is lodged in there and you're sitting in the same position holding a steering wheel and pressing a gas pedal for 3+ hours. 
  • Plan a mini vacation if at all possible. Get away, even for just one night, with B and talk. Catch up on how much life has changed lately.
  • Don't stress about every little thing. There are things that are 'strongly discouraged' during pregnancy, and then things that can be taken a little more lightly. Choose wisely, but don't let that burger you ate for lunch that day keep you up at night. 
  • Remember what those little flips, kicks and turns feel like. Savor those moments. Soon they become more painful, and I have a strong feeling I'll be missing the quiet time with G someday very soon.
  • And most of all, remember that this baby is a gift straight from God, and that carrying your child is one of the biggest blessings. Don't ever take it for granted.


Jillian said...

Oh your funny! The second pregnancy will be so different because you'll have a kid around. I forget most days I'm pregnant because I have two others to take care of. The first pregnancy is special because you can focus just on it!

Jennifer said...

After I had my son, I missed the kicks. Yes, they get painful at the end, but it was fun to feel him moving around.

My husband and I kept #1 and #2 a secret from everyone (including our parents) until 8-ish weeks. It was fun for us to have that little secret!

Brittany M said...

I love this post! Some of these things are ones I need to remind myself of as well. Sometimes I get too caught up in daily life or counting down until August instead of remembering to soak up and enjoy being pregnant. Hope all is well with your pregnancy!

Sarah said...

I LOVE your list... so many things on there that I can relate too... also,
I was add... sleep in as late as you can every day, esp on the weekends.. newborns dont sleep in... well some do, until you deicde to sleep in too then they wake up at 5am!

Sarah said...

i am already sad by the thought of not feeling these kicks in my belly forever!

Morgan said...

Great Post, I may do this for my pregnancy log. It is easy to lose sight of the big picture, but with one strong kick to the rib, you remember again!!! I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy as much as I am. You look great and can't wait to hear the rest of your pregnancy story!!