Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY Kitchen Window/Chalkboard Project

I have been living in a DIY frenzy lately. Typically, I line up 5-6 projects that I'd 'like to do, and then a month will go by before I realize that I've only completed one of them. Darn you, Pinterest.

Well, I guess May was my 'finish all of my projects that have been laying around' month. And, that I did.

I was gifted, by one of my dearest friends, with an old farm house window to use for my window/chalkboard project. I have always wanted some type of chalkboard in my kitchen. Something I can use to post notes to B, reminders, weekly meals, and eventually, something I can use with our kids.

I finally got around to starting this project, and by starting it, I simply mean that I recruited my handy husband to help with the sanding, taping and spray painting. 

We used a sanding block around the rough edges to get rid of some of the old paint that was on the window, then sprayed all of the trim you see below with a fresh coat of ivory colored spray paint.

We allowed this to dry for about a day, then took the paper/tape combo that we had used to cover up each window pane off, and taped the wood trim for good coverage. 

I was a bit nervous to see how evenly the sprayable chalkboard paint was going to come out. I bought the Krylon brand on one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby. 

I would definitely recommend this paint. We used two coats, but I felt like it sprayed on easily and evenly, and it's a great surface for writing now! We also gave the chalkboard paint a day to dry really well before we tried anything on it.

Then, we attached some picture hanging hardware to the back of the window, and voila! 

I just love the way this project turned out. It adds so much character to my kitchen, and makes a nice, bold statement as well. If you are interested in a chalkboard for your kitchen, I would definitely recommend grabbing an old window from an auction, etc. because I think the style and size is the perfect fit!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We'll be kicking off our summer in North Carolina from Friday til Monday night with some friends. 
I'm so excited to get away for a weekend with B! 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


Courtney said...

What a cute idea!! It turned out great!

Unknown said...

very cute!

Jessica said...

So cute!!

LWLH said...

Adorable, turned out great girl :)

Lynette said...

I've been dying to put up a chalkboard in our kitchen (even have the perfect empty space for it) so hopefully this will motivate me! Never thought to use an old window though... definitely a cute idea!

Mandy Rose said...

Awesome project! I actually have a huge picture frame about the size of this window and I broke the glass out of it when I took it out to spray you have me thinking I don't want to get new glass and use the chalk board paint instead of putting pics back in it! LOVE this!