Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So What If I Get Dressed for Instagram Photos?!

Well, folks, I have really fallen off the wagon this week. My schedule has been so full lately, and I've just been feeling on the verge of burnt out. Some mornings my mind all but turns to mush, and I can only muster the concentration for the likes of the Real Housewives.

Luckily, there are so many fabulous women in this blogging community, that I can always find the inspiration to get back on the horse, or wagon in this case, I guess? See what I mean about the concentration thing? Even better, Shannon also inspired me to write a 'Lately' post, so I can give you all a peak into what has been keeping me busy and laden with baby fever lately.

All that said, I felt like this week was another perfect opportunity for 'So What Wednesday,' because we all have our moments, am I right?!

This week, I'm saying 'So What!' if ...
  •  Some days, I find the motivation to get dressed early because I want to post another OOTD pic on Instagram. Are you on Instagram? It's my latest form of social media crack these days
  • I'm wearing my Rock the Red coral skinnies again today in honor of the Caps game #3 tonight. GO CAPS!!
  • I've been watching this video NON-STOP since one of my guy friends showed it to me last week. This song is addicting and the video totally made me develop girl crushes on Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale.
  • I have been shoe craaazy lately. In the last two months, I've added both Tory's and Toms to my collection, and yes, it definitely hurt my wallet.
  • I am counting the days until MDW (Memorial Day Weekend), and a much needed mini beach vacation with great friends! We're headed to North Carolina for five, blissful days, and I'm already planning my 'Summer Must Haves' post in preparation :o)
  • I am over the moon excited to attend the swanky corporate function that B's company is putting on next week at the W Hotel in DC. I can't think of another thing I want to do more than gett all gussied up and go out on the town for drinks, dinner and dancing with my hubby. Holy classy date night!

Thank you again, Shannon for providing me with this outlet so I can blow off some steam. 

Have you noticed the new buttons hanging out up there on my sidebar?! My fabulous new summer sponsors are now on display! Full details coming on Friday!


Neely said...

bahahahaha that video is amazing

Sonja said...

I feel like that's the only reason I get showered and dressed sometimes! For the blog and IG world haha!

Unknown said...

Maybe if I start taking instagram photos, I will feel less burdened by getting ready everyday. You just inspired me to start taking weekly maternity pictures. Maybe. : )

New follower!

Brandy Bruce said...

That video is AWESOME. I want to be 18 and make a crazy video.

LWLH said...

Oh to be 18 the video!!