Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So WHAT! Wednesday is Back!!

It has been far too long since I've participated in Shannon's 'So WHAT! Wednesdays,' so I thought it appropriate to bring it back this week.

This week, I'm saying 'So WHAT!' if ..
  • I haven't done my hair since Easter - messy buns are totally back in style, right?!
  • I have gotten totally out of control with my spending for the 4 baby showers I have coming up? Tiny baby clothes and shower decorations are to.die.for. (Yes, I said FOUR.)
  • Despite my recent diagnosis of 'another cavity' I am still drinking my coffee with creamer and a dab of Truvia :o)
  • I have been so caught up in the baby shower madness that I may or may not have forgotten that I also need to budget for a birthday gift for B!
  • I saved the series finale episode of One Tree Hill on my DVR because I still can't deal with the total loss of the show :o/
  • Seeing my sweet little nephew-to-be's face on his sonogram with the SIL yesterday totally spiked the fevah in this house. It happens to the best of us, right?!

So, what are you saying 'So WHAT!' to this week? Head on over and link up with Shannon; it's such a freeing feeling!


B F said...

Im obsessed with OTH too. Sad sad sad it's gone!!!

I wear my hair in messy buns all week too! Twins?!?

Christine AKA Girl Versus Kitchen said...

I have SO many baby showers this season too! Do you have a Pinterest? (I suppose I will look around and see if you posted it anywhere!) I am running two of them and am at a loss! One of the showers is for twins!!

Brandy Bruce said...

Messy buns are TOTALLY in style at my house. Not just at my house--at the office where I work every day this week. (I might be the only one sporting this style there, but what the heck!) I hope you'll hop over and see my So What list too!

Life As Wife said...

The baby fever is catching!! I also always buy way too much for others at baby shower or wedding shower time. I love to give gifts and sharing in their special day is so fun!!

LWLH said...

Messy buns are winning in this house too :)

Molly said...

Rock the messy bun, my friend! And holy baby showers! That is insane!