Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why the Bachelorette Drives Me To Shop

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I know what you might be thinking: "is this girl seriously watching the new season of the Bachelorette starring Ashley?" And your answer is yes, yes I am. I thought I'd be ashamed to admit it, seeing as Ashley was the famously unpopular cast off from Brad's season last year as a result of her overly-bubbly personality and whiny voice. But, the truth? I am enjoying this season way more than I expected to. Sure, I am completely sick of hearing the name Bentley, but I do feel sorry for the girl, he made her look like a complete fool. "Sure, things could have been different if the Bachelorette was Emily." What a guy.

As much as I love to over indulge in the drama of reality TV, and subject poor B to countless hours of drama-filled Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, I realized that one of the things that keeps me coming back for more (besides the glorious amounts of eye candy on the Bachelorette, can we say Mickey?), is the fashion. 

I will be the first to admit it, I'm a total clothes horse. Though I don't always pay top dollar for my threads, I can shop with the best of 'em, and have no trouble emptying and refilling my closet every season year. OK, so maybe I have a tiny problem with the emptying part.

Although I may not always be ahead of the "fashion" times, I like to consider myself to be pretty stylish, and open to trying new things. I love coming up with new ideas, and am the queen of purchasing a new outfit for most of our regular big events. I've gotten ideas from TV, from my sister (a fashion diva), from pictures I see on Facebook, and from the many seasons of the Bachelorette that I've watched. Like last year, on Ali's season? I was constantly stalking around Google searching for the many beautiful dresses she wore. Too bad most of them came with a $300+ price tag.

This season has proved to be no different as far as driving me to shop. It turns out that Ashley and I have some similar tastes in clothing. And, ever since I saw her adorable sequin tank, white blazer outfit? I was hooked. 

image via -  - I'm sorry for the poor quality photo, it just doesn't do the outfit much justice!!

I am now on a wild goose chase for a similar blazer. Tips welcome, just don't tell B!!


Britt said...

I have the perfect website for you:

She mainly focuses on Real Housewives of the OC and the Bachelorette, so maybe she'll post this! She not only finds the actual garment, she finds a budget friendly similar look!

Happy shopping and keep your wallet and B happy :)

erin.patrice said...

Check forever 21's website. They always have different blazers...