Friday, June 24, 2011

Talk About A Flashback!!

I love pictures. I love photography. One of my very best friends, and one of my sisters are both professional wedding photographers. Are you looking for one? If so, visit Amanda and Melissa's websites. Go on, check them out!!

I digress. Back in college, and even high school, I was always "that girl." Carried my camera everywhere, and was constantly asking my friends to pose for what would be the 305th time we took close to the same picture of the five of us. You get my drift, right? It wasn't until our senior year in college when one of my guy friends commented that "he wouldn't have memories of college to look back on without my documentation of the last four years." Wow. I will never forget how delighted I was to hear a compliment after the many complaints I had received when I pulled out my camera.

Sometimes, if work is slow or we're not busy on the weekend, I'll look back through my old Facebook photos for a good laugh, and let me just say, boy am I glad I documented all of those years! Mainly, because I get a kick out of seeing how much the styles have changed. My hair? Only changed a few times. My clothes? Changed all. the. time. I was all over the map. I still am, I guess, but I like to think my style is now moving towards "accomplished young professional." Ha. 

I can only imagine that our future children will think we looked as silly as I always thought my parents looked in their photos from their "glory days."So, enjoy these next few blasts from the past. Mockery welcomed.

The "it's Senior Week and there's a 90's beach party tonight, obviously!" look. This is undoubtedly one of my college favorites. Don't you love our off-the-shoulder Goodwill sweatshirts?!

The "we love lazy college Saturdays and block parties" look. With a Red Sox hat. That I still have and never wear. I mainly bought the hat because it was Irish green and rocked a shamrock. Sorry, Sox fans!

What would college be without a few formals? And a few shiny dresses?!

Senior year was full of fun and finding new reasons for parties. This one? "Take me back to Spring Break '06," appropriately paired with sunglasses and leis.

Apparently, we loved wearing our sunglasses "at night" and indoors? Please excuse my "kissy" face - it was a college staple.
Looking back through these old photos definitely makes me laugh, but it also reminds me how far I've come, how great those years were, and how tightly I hold on to the memories. 

I hope you enjoyed my public humiliation. Who's next?!

Happy weekend, lovelies!!

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Suz said...

Very fun! Reminds me a lot of my college photos! Good times.