Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Surgery & Date Night Wednesday

Today is the day. We got up bright and early to spend a little extra time loving on our little one before her surgery. I don't think it really hit me that she was having major abdominal surgery until I was in the room with the surgery tech talking "surgery details" while Riley scurried around meeting new people and listening to all of the noises outside our little "patient" room.

Since this is my first time as a real "puppy Momma," there are things I worry about, and things I try not to take too seriously. You know, like shredded dog beds and forts made out of couch cushions. I scheduled her appointment weeks ago, just going through the motions of getting her through all of the routine checkups, vaccinations and growing pains of puppyhood. Once it was on our calendar I just moved on.

Now I'm at work and she's probably halfway through the procedure. I'm sure it's normal, but I felt awful leaving her. I'm not even sure she really noticed me say goodbye, to be honest. She was too busy meeting all of the nice people that were waiting to sedate her. Ha. We'll pick her up tomorrow morning and spend most of the day hanging with her and trying to keep her clam and quiet. Right.

So, tonight? I'm going to enjoy a quiet evening at home with just B. For the first time in months. I'm sure it will be an evening full of mixed emotions of missing Riley (for Daddy, too!), hoping she's sleeping OK in an unfamiliar place, and happiness that we get an uninterrupted night together. I guess this is good preparation for the roller coaster of emotions I'll experience once we have kids.

Will you do me a favor and say a quick prayer for our little furball tonight?!


Katie said...

poor baby! I'll be thinking of her!

I'm take being a furmom entirely too seriously so I totally understand!

Brittany said...

Aww, saying a prayer and wishing ya'll the best!

Britt said...

Puppy surgery is always hard! Here's to a successful procedure and a happier dog later :) Enjoy your night off!