Monday, June 6, 2011

On "Real Housewives" and Reality TV

I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about when I reference "Real Housewives." Whether they're from NJ, OC, NYC, or are of the Army or Desperate nature, I am an avid viewer of every one. This got me thinking about how different the TV that I watch these days is from what I watched back in high school or college. Back in my "glory days." Sigh.

On an average day, our DVR is filled with the likes of the Sister Wives, The Real Housewives of NJ and The Secret Life of the American Teenager; throw in a little Bachelorette and call that my perfect Friday night! As much as I love how many shows there are that depict strong, independent, family-oriented women, I can't help but wonder if the trend is causing me to shift the spotlight onto my own life. If these women can "have it all," why can't I? 

How young is too young to get married? To start a family? Is my biological clock really ticking away now that I'm a "late twenty-something?" How many days per week should I be working out to keep my beach body womanly shape in check? Is my dream of being a stay-at-home-Mommy a thing of the past?

Don't get me wrong, I love my life, and this journey we're on as "newlyweds." I try to remember to tell my husband all the time how lucky I am to have him as my husband, and how happy he makes me. Maybe I'm just lost in the fairytale of what I always thought "growing up and getting married" would be like. Or, maybe it's all the babies being born lately that have "baby fever" too close for comfort in our house? Thank goodness for all of the lovely ladies I follow on Twitter for keeping me grounded most of the time.

I'm destined to find my place between the "Real Housewives" and the "Real Mommies" that I admire so much. Some day. And to stop comparing myself to these "real life" and "made for TV" Mom's. Until then, keep up the good work, Mommies, and keep the regularly scheduled housewives programming coming!!

Or maybe I should just start watching baseball to take my mind off of all this?!


Erin said...

So much of what's depicted on TV is total BS! The first time you watch a childbirth scene in a movie after you've had a baby? You're simultaneously gonna want to laugh out loud and throw a lamp across the room. And what we see on blogs and twitter? That's only the stuff people choose to allow others to see. There's a lot more that readers will never see, and we end up being envious of a shadow - something that wasn't even "real" to begin with.

And your dream of being a SAHM is NOT a thing of the past! It is REAL. It is HEAVEN. And it is more fulfilling and rewarding than ANY career my college degrees ever could have given me :)

Ashley Paige said...

So much of what Erin said is true. And those women? They don't "have it all!" They're feuding with their families, foreclosing on houses, wrapped up in lawsuits and filing for divorce left and right! TV sensationalizes everything and the more drama the better right?

Like Erin said, being a SAHM is certainly not a thing of the past! Speaking from two very successful SAHM's (both inside and outside of just the "mothering" role), I think that's evident!

It's all what you make of it. That's what I think, any way! And ditto to the "most incredible rewarding job." It's priceless.

All for Love said...

i feel the same way. perfectly said.<3

Unknown said...

I think the term "having it all" depends on what YOU want it to be. Marriage, kids, pets, job, you can only do what you want to do, what works best for your family. I had known my husband for less than two years when we got married....I was 22! Only one of my friends to do so. Also, first of my friends to get pregnant. But it's what we wanted, what worked for us. We both worked hard for a few years so that when I had my daughter {an now another baby on the way} I could stay home with them. Some days are rough and take a lot of sacrifice, but it is definitely do-able if it's what you want. I think our twenties are hard because it's a lot of changes and decision making. But as long as you and your husband enjoy each stage, and make plans together, whatever you do will be right for you!

Katie said...

I am new to jump on the Real Housewife bandwagon but I love them! They all crack me up!

But I agree, it's tough to not compare, check, and evaluate ALL THE TIME at this stage in our lives. I just have to remember that it's probably normal... glad to know it is!