Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So What Wednesday?!

Today, we're linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for "So What Wednesday?" Can I just say that I love, love, love this idea! There is something freeing about admitting all of those little things that you do or say that only you think are half normal. So, here goes nothing!

SO WHAT if ...
  •  I could and would eat pasta three meals a day, every day. Hence my new motivation for working out again.
  • I cannot leave my kitchen a mess when I leave for work in the morning. This fact has made me late to work on many several occasions, and I don't even feel bad about it.
  • I let our puppy lick my newly cleaned and lotioned after-shower legs? We are supposed to be training her not to lick. Any tips?
  • My ideal schedule would include sleeping until 8, having a leisurely morning filled with a workout and time to eat breakfast (with coffee), and heading into work around 10:30. Is that so wrong?!
  • I am the queen of DVR. I am not satisfied unless my DVR is choc-full of quality programming for me to watch. And? I never have time to catch up on it!

Do you have any "So What's" to get off of your chest this week?
If so, head over and link up with Shannon! Go on, you know you wanna!!


Melissa said...

I love me some DVR as well. I feel so accomplished when I can delete's like finishing homework for lazy adults:)

Darby Hawley said...

WOW! I just found your blog and fell in love with it! Love you style! We just recently bought a lab puppy, and I saw that you mentioned yours chewed a lot....any tips would be greatly appreciated haha
I'm definitely a new follower :-)
By the way, congratulations on the nuptials :-)

Neely said...

I could eat pasta all day!