Friday, January 23, 2009


Short weeks have a funny way of tricking you into believing that the week will just fly by, and look nothing like a normal, five-day week. I beg to differ. This week had the illusion of being "short" with the Inauguration craziness, and having been off on Monday for the holiday, but the days started to creep by as we approached today. And let me tell you, this arctic weather we've been getting hasn't been helping the situation at all. Thank goodness we are supposed to have a high of 52 today! Woot, woot!

So, as usual, I am delighted that it is Friday, tapping into my social network to see what the plans for tonight are, and am excited to have another blissful, two days off.

What's on the agenda? Well, for a change, a whole lot of nothing that I am required to attend! My social calendar has been on the absolute fritz lately, with weddings, showers, holidays, etc etc etc. I am looking forward to a few open weekends in which I can plan whatever my little heart desires (even if that means sitting around on a Saturday in PJs watching Lifetime movies, te-hee).

So, tonight, I think I'm in the mood for some $2 pints, good friends, and maybe a little dancing! Should make for a fun night. Hope your weekend is great!!

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V said...

PJs + Lifetime movies + snacks= best ever :)