Tuesday, January 13, 2009

David Cook Still Rocks My World, At least For Now ...

Oh yes, it's that time of year again folks, American Idol time!! Being that this is my first Idol season with blog support, I'm sure to be blabbing about my faves, likes, dislikes and maybe even a spoiler or two on here - so, you've been warned!

There is something about American Idol that just never gets old. It could be all the years that I put into chorus. All the tryouts, all the concerts, the CD I recorded to send to the Music program at a college that will stay nameless?! Whatever it is, Idol brings it out in me, and I find myself thinking that I've definitely got enough experience to be that 4th judge. The 4th judge?! They hired one this year? Bugger! There goes that pipe dream!


I'll be tuning in this evening, along with former roommates/Idol lovers Aliya and Melissa over at the Rinaldi's. These first few weeks will just be an excuse for us to get together and watch the hilariously horrendous auditions, but a few weeks from now, I mean business. We shall see who the favorites are .. another Michael Johns?! Daughtry/David Cook-esque rocker?! Perhaps a girl will win this year, that is where they are in the rotation, right?!

Note: Aliya and I normally choose different faves when it gets down to the Top 12, so the blogging should get interesting! Stay tuned, people!

For your viewing pleasure ...

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