Thursday, January 29, 2009

Never Leave Your Partner Behind .."

Hello Blog World!

Movies are definitely a hobby of mine. My perfect girls night out often includes an over-priced trip to the nearest theater to catch the latest chick flick. I love watching movies on TV, renting them, and have been known to watch a hand full of movies over and over, and over ..


I recently added to my movie collection by purchasing Fireproof.

Now, you may or may not already have your thoughts, ideas or reviews of this movie, but see it. TRUST ME. I had been intrigued by the story, the love, the struggle, all of it, since I had seen the preview a while back. I never ended up making it to the theater to see it, but B agreed to watch it with me once it was out.

Just the preview gives me chills. I don't consider myself the world's toughest movie critic, but this movie rocked me to my core. With so many people in my life either in love, getting married, or those that have been married for more years that I've been alive, I was interested to see the point of view this movie would take. It took a great one. It is so easy to lose sight of what is most important in this life. Love and God have always been at the top of that list for me, and this was a perfect blend of these two things.

So, my recommendation of the week (and yes, I did skip a week of music recommendations, so this will do), is to go out and rent/buy/borrow my copy of this movie. Whether you are looking for love, have already fallen in love, are on your way to marriage, just starting your lives together, or have paved the way for the rest of us for quite some time now, Fireproofs "The Love Dare" will definitely teach you something about how to love yourself, how to love your partner, and about what the real meaning of love should and can be. I plan to keep a copy of this Love Dare handy for myself, my parents and my friends, because I think it's worth it.

Oh, and the song? "Love Is Not A Fight," brings tears to my eyes. It's Warren Barfield, for those of you who can't get enough, like me; I downloaded it at iTunes.

Get up. Go out. Do it. You'll thank me :o)


Jenn said...

I'm loving that song! He's a cutie too :)

Anonymous said...

Never hear of it before. I just added it to my Netflix. It must be good because it has a Very Long Wait!

Darci White said...

Hi there-

Thanks for adding me to your "follow" list. :)

My husband and I actually watched this last weekend. It was very good and had a big impact on both of us. I need to go to the website and find the actual "Love Dare"......would love for my husband and I both to follow that and see how it improves not only our marriage, but our relationships with others.

Thanks for posting about this! Hopefully others will get out there and watch it too!