Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day for the Books

Well, I have to say, for all of the complaining that I do about all the traffic here in the DC area, today, there is no other city I would rather have been in. I am sure that you have heard it time and time again; and no matter your political affiliation, whom you voted for, or where you live, there was an energy like no other in our nation today.

Despite all the planning ahead, traffic details, and not having stayed in the comfort of my own home for the past three nights (in an effort to avoid any type of crowded Arlington mayhem), I truly feel blessed today that I live in this nation's capital, and that all of these historic events took place a mere 3 miles from the place I currently call home. While watching the Inauguration coverage today, I had overwhelming feelings of pride, hope, joy and love for this country that I have been lucky enough to have been raised and educated in.

Although I didn't make it downtown over the weekend to partake in the many historic events, I have been able to witness them by the accounts, photos and emotions of the many friends that I share this city with.

Choosing a place to live post-college was a bit of a challenge for me, but I am thankful that all of the pieces fell into place for me to be able to experience this wonderful , new city; for a job I love and the many friends that are so nearby.

So, let's press on now, with these four new years ahead of us. Make them count in whatever way you make your footprint on life; measure it in love. I have faith that this journey will be a rewarding, exciting and great one, and will carry this historic memory with me to tell my kids and grand kids about, one day.

God Bless.


In other news! We found out today that they have indeed started to build B's new townhouse!! The foundation has already been completed, and I could not be more excited that the process is (finally!) underway!!!!

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