Friday, January 9, 2009

Life's A Beach ...

Remember summer?!

I can't help but drift back to those flip-flop, sun-tanned, dress-wearing days when I step out my front door to find it a tropical 27 degrees outside!! Isn't this Virginia? If I had known that the climate here was basically a mirror image of New Jersey, I may have looked at colleges in Florida. OK, maybe not.

But seriously. I thought I liked winter when I was younger and I guess, didn't know any better? But now, I can't really deal with more than two weeks of this bitter cold. Once the first snow falls, I'll be ready for Spring, big time. Florida, here I come.

(Don't tell B I said that, he'll pick up and move down there right away.)

In better news, and speaking of the beach! Emails have started to go out for this summer's couples beach house!

Every summer (or for at least the last few), I go down to Ocean City, MD with B's family (which adds up to close to 50 people) for a week in August. I have grown rather fond of this beach week. A whole week of relaxation, sun, sand, Seacrets! and a few crazy kids - it's a great mix.

This year, the plan is to get him, his two brothers, and two of his cousins (along with all of their wives/fiances/girlfriends) together in a rental. This should prove to be a blast.

More on this as it gets closer, since I am slowly sinking back into my realization that it is still JANUARY.

Beach Week Countdown?!!? 28 weeks, ughhhh.

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