Monday, January 14, 2013

Entertainment Center Organization Project

Ever since we arrived safely home from our vacation in South Florida on January 4th, I have been in a craze to organize and purge my entire house. I like to think that I do this annually, but it really just happens whenever the mood strikes. And strike it did that fateful weekend. 

What better way to hold myself accountable this winter than to link up for 'The Dog Days {of winter} Are Over! Organize-It Challenge! This link party is begin hosted by AP, Mandy and several other fabulous bloggers beginning today! 

Now, of course I had to employ the strength and help of my husband. But, that turned my plan of 'organizing-everything-right-NOW' into more of a two month ordeal. You see, before we can organize the basement storage areas, we need an outdoor storage shed, and on and on.

So, I decided that I could take a few small projects into my own hands and work on them whenever time allowed. I started with tasks like the linen closet (again), bathroom vanity and our main floor entertainment cabinet.

Our entertainment center on this main level is a very simple black wood piece that I bought at Target about eighteen months ago. It has cabinets on either side and the center is open shelving for your electronic equipment. Inside each of the cabinets are also two shelves.

We are big movie people in our house, so we have a large collection of DVDs. There were few things that annoyed me more than staring at stacks upon stacks of DVD cases when I opened the cabinet doors. So, I simply took a few baskets that I already had around the house and used them to organize our DVDs by 'category.'

Now we have a basket for workout DVDs, romantic/girly movies, 'guy approved' movies and the fourth is sort of miscellaneous. I also store my Kindle, extra books I'm reading and my Sex & The City series inside the cabinets to hide them.

Now, I am so much happier and at ease when I go to look for a movie when I realize that everything is neat and organized. I think I'll be buying a few more baskets over the next several months as I tackle the rest of the house!


Unknown said...

I love this! Our TV table has glass front doors, but very similar to yours. I've never thought of incorporating bakets before. Totally going to now...thanks!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

We aren't just going to ignore the most exciting news ever are we?? I mean cause that would leave me pretty sad.

Otherwise... I love how you used the baskets to group by category. I would have never thought of that. I'm more of an alphabetical type of person.