Thursday, January 3, 2013

'I Have A New Year's Eve Confession': A Guest Post from AP

Today, my SIL stops by to share a little about her real feelings on this whole New Year's thing. You probably already know AP from her blog, I Love You More Than Carrots, and yes, we are real life 'sister-in-loves' married to brothers and both living in Maryland.  Small world, right?!

I hate New Year's Eve. 

There I said it. Go ahead and throw stones.

I hate New Year's Eve. I hate the parties. The resolutions. The glitter. The forced fun. Pretty much all of it. Why? I haven't the slightest idea. I mean, I like parties and I like the idea that a brand new year offers the promise of a fresh slate but the actual eve? The celebration? Those annoying noisemakers? Hate it. Hate them. As for resolutions? Don't get me started. I'm a horrible resolution maker let alone keeper. 

In fact, give me my favorite jammies, a bottle of Vueve Clicquot and a bedtime of oh, say, 11pm and I'm happy as a clam. 

Some may think that having kids did this to me. Made me less of a New Year's Eve fan but that's not the case. Even prior to having kids I hated getting dressed up, schlepping somewhere in what is likely to be melting snow and frigid temperatures only to stand around in a crowded bar (or even Times Square) watching and waiting for that godforsaken ball to drop. Yes, you heard me right. In my younger years I took part in what is the quintessential of New Year's celebrations and watched the infamous ball drop from a hotel room high above Times Square. And for a few years after that? The Husband and I celebrated surrounded by friends in rented out bar spaces. One year we even had some fancy-shmancy dinner reservations, got all dolled up and celebrated with a restaurant full of strangers. 

Sounds fun right? Meh. It was. A little. But I'd much rather celebrate in pajamas from the comforts of my couch. A couch that doesn't involve insane bar cover charges or some drunk fool shamelessly hitting on me or dry-heaving down the back of my overpriced little black dress. 

Can there be a New Year's Eve Scrooge? If so, I'm your girl. 

I may not get dressed up but I'll take the excuse to buy an expensive bottle of my favorite champagne and curl up on the couch any day. Here in blog world you'll probably see tons of fancy New Year's Eve posts filled with sparkles, fancy clothes and grand plans. But not here. 

This is much more my speed. 

We may even throw in a board game or two. Rebels, I know.  Please tell me I'm not alone?


Annie said...

bless you, AP. i feel the same way and i am 22 and single. pajamas + couch = a more than satisfying new year's eve, in my opinion.

Andie said...

A-MEN!!!! I'm so glad I"m not the only one! I loathe new years eve- have hated it since I was in high school! I would much rather be cozy in my pjs by the fire watching a movie marathon! :)