Monday, September 17, 2012

Show & Tell Mondays: High School Memories

It's Monday, which means I'm linking up for Show & Tell again! This week, we're talking about high school. I have great memories from high school, and I definitely wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world. But, I am happy to be past my school days, and am loving this chapter of life. Head on over and link up with Becky today, you know you want to share your old high school pics!

High School Memories
1. Tell us what kind of student you were in high school {popular, nerd, sport obsessed, choir, etc}
Hmm, I guess I was a combination of these things. I had great friends, an adorable boyfriend (senior year), I was in the chorus, and I ran cross country and track. No wonder I'm so well rounded today. Ha, riiiiight.
2. Share with us some high school pictures. We know you have them somewhere.
Haha, ohhh high school pictures. They are somewhat embarrassing. When I look back, I wonder what I was thinking. The clothes? Omg. 
But, I was blessed with a FABULOUS group of girl friends. We have  stayed close to this day, and for that, I am so grateful.


3. Tell us about your school. Private? Public? How many in graduating class? Mascots? School colors?
Public high school all the way! Woot! I went to a small-medium sized high school in Bergen County, NJ. You know, the one the RHONJ Manzo kids went to?! 

Seriously though, I loved my high school. It was well known for being a quality, public education. I graduated with about 265 kids, and we were the 'Raider Cats.' Our colors were green and white, which is super convenient being that I'm a Jets fan.
4. Tell us about some of your favorite memories of high school. Or what stands out the most? Any teachers? Specific classes?
When I think back to high school, I don't really think about/remember the classes and subjects. Although I do think that taking AP classes helped to prepare me for college, my most favorite memories from high school are the nights/weekends that I spent with my best girlfriends.  Meeting at our lockers between classes, talking about boys, shopping and sharing clothes. Oh, and the parties :o)
5. Tell us a piece of advice you would pass on to your children or any child entering high school.
Although high school may seem like the stepping stone to the rest of your life, you will look back and realize they were some of your best days. So, even though you may be trying to race through to graduation and finally start college, enjoy it!
I would also recommend getting involved. In clubs, sports and extra curriculars. Do I think I'd still have gotten into college without these things? Sure, probably. But, it was these things that helped shape my character, and helped me branch out and find some things that I really do love.  


Unknown said...

Umm, you look exactly the same now as you did have not aged a bit!!

undomestic mama said...

I found you through Becky and first let me say, your wedding picture is gorgeous! And you're so fortunate to still be friends with people you were friends with back then. I don't talk to anyone from high school.