Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trusting the Process.

I was writing my latest freelance post just the other day, and the topic and words really struck me as I was typing. So, I decided to share this semi-vulnerable post here as well. I hope you enjoy it!

I am a type A person by nature. I always have been, and I have come to the realization that I always will be.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with being Type A, and in fact, I often feel that my personality type helps me to strive for more and to accomplish lots of things.

But, that’s just the thing. Sometimes, I set out to accomplish too many things.

I guess it’s a control thing sometimes. I often feel that as long as I can write everything little thing that is running through my brain down on paper, there is nothing keeping me from accomplishing it all. You know, except for lack of time

I could go on for days about how many times I have gotten up bright and early, and motivated to start a new day, only to find that by lunch time, I had only accomplished about 10% of the things that I had set out to. This always leaves me feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Like I need to be able to check more things off!

I finally had to stop and ask my self why I feel this way? Why do I let things like to-do lists get the best of me?  The answer was clear: just ‘let go.’ Let go of needing to control everything and feel like you can do everything all by yourself. Sure, life would be ‘easier’ if I had a clone, or if each day was four hours longer, but that’s not really what it’s all about, is it?

I was really struck by the words ‘trust the process.’  There are so many ways to interpret that into your life, but for me it means to let go of the timelines: where will my business be in 2 years? When will I stop worrying so much about what other people think of me? When will I get pregnant? And, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

I need to get better at trusting the process. Living in the moments that I am a part of right now.  And trusting the fact that although hard work pays off, work isn’t everything, so, above all, enjoy your life’s process


Crystal Renee said...

I need to do the same thing. Too often I don't focus on the "here & now" and I focus on everything else. I am just now realizing, because of this, I am missing out on so much. I am starting to live every day as if it were my last. Living in the moment! :) Have a good week!!

Angie said...

Oh girl, I can so relate! I am struggling with trusting the process - with baby making and just day to day life these days. I put so much pressure to get so much done during the day because I am a SAHM (most of the time) and feel like I should have it all together all the time because of that (which I dont, at all ;) And the days are long but when I look back I want to remember enjoying Kal rather than not finishing my never ending to do list.
I think the first step is realizing it, so you are on your way! At least that's what I tell myself...here's to hoping we can both work on trusting this week!!

kourtney said...

I totally understand. I'm an OCD, control freak. I do things a certain way, every single day. I can't relax until the things I know [or think] I need to do are finished. I'm never relaxed and stressed most of the time, which isn't fun for me or my husband. I need to learn to let go and know things will be ok if I don't do them. Hope it works for you as well!

Katie said...

I completely get this post! I especially need to "trust the process" when I need other people to help me check things off my list!

Why is this such a hard thing to grasp??

Nina said...

I swear all of us bloggers are sisters separated at birth!!! I am the exact same.

Molly said...

I love your vulnerable side! I was much like you pre kids...and I can tell you now, you can't once you have them! Its simply impossible. You need to enjoy yourself and this time in your life with just you and your hubs!

Anonymous said...

I know we follow each other on instagram, but this is my first time to check out your blog! I really like what you said here. I like the idea of "trusting the process" and think I need a little bit of that philosophy in my life as well.

Consider your blog bookmarked. We seem to have a lot in common. I'm a 20-something newlywed, too! :)