Monday, March 26, 2012

Putting A New Spin on Memory Books

Did you have a memory book growing up? All four of us did. Even though we knew our memory books existed, we only saw them about three times a year when my Mom was adding items like report cards, school photos, and later on in life, those cheesy gorgeous professional prom photos! After each 'visit' with our books, they were tucked neatly back into storage in the attic inside our very own memory boxes.

I guess I never really thought about holding onto memories like that until somewhat later in life. I used to think I'd never be interested in what my favorite subject was, or who my best friend was back in 2nd grade, but now that we're getting closer to starting our own family, I can totally see why those memories are worth keeping! Each year, my Mom filled out all of the info that the book asked for, and once we were old enough, she let us do the talking for ourselves. I'll have to look back at my book next time I'm home and see who made them. They were such a cute idea!

I have also always loved photos. Remember when you used to have to drop your film off at your nearest Walgreen's and wait days for the pictures to be processed? I was definitely one of those people that just had to pay the extra money to get my beloved pictures a day or two sooner. Obviously, I needed to see how cute the new pics of myself and that time period's beau turned out!

I guess it was a combination of the memory books and photo obsession that turned me into one of the girls that loved her yearbooks. Heck, I was even on the yearbook staff a few years in high school. What better way to preserve your middle and high school memories than by working on the 'inside' to make sure that some of the best photos of you and your friends made the full color pages. Am I right?

Technology and photo printing have come such a long way, even since I was in high school! Digital photography and online album creation have totally changed the way you can preserve your families' memories. And that's where Shutterfly yearbook comes in! 

I have personally created many keepsake photo albums using Shutterfly, and have given their photo books as gifts on multiple occasions. When I learned that they were coming out with yearbooks, I may have quietly leapt for joy! Are these books not the absolute cutest way to preserve your children's school memories?!

Shutterfly Yearbooks
Not only can their yearbooks be customized for your child, but you can even design them for your child's entire class, and with rates as low as $5 per yearbook, how can you refuse?

I definitely plan on utilizing Shutterfly's new yearbook's as our family grows, and maybe even for a few special little nephews in my life as they continue to grow!

To learn more about designing your own Shutterfly Yearbook, visit:

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**This is a Shutterfly sponsored post. I received a coupon code good for one (1) leather bound photo album in return for reviewing this new product.


Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! I'm definitely going to have to check these out for the girls!

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

What a great idea! I love Shutterfly! I've made a few vacation books and birthday books for us. I'll have to look into these yearbooks as the boy gets a little older! HOW FUN!

Lindsey said...

Such an awesome idea love!!! I'm going to look into these ASAP because I am way behind in putting photo books together of the girls!