Monday, January 16, 2012

Hollywood Girl Crushes: My 2012 Golden Globe Review

Is it seriously Monday again?! This last ten days since we arrived home from Florida have been a COMPLETE whirlwind for me! 

In typical Pam & B fashion, we spent most of our Sunday watching playoff football, and since the Ravens won, all was happy in our household last night in time for the Golden Globes. Thank God for Twitter, because I almost forgot they were even on TV last night!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be friends with some of your favorite celebs?! Am I the only one? There are a few ladies in Hollywood who I think I'd get along smashingly with, and would just love the opportunity to sit down with each of them. Each time there is another awards show, I love fawning over the gowns, the jewels, and of course, a few handsome Hollywood hunks.

Last night,  I wasn't paying too much attention to who won what, although I was thrilled for Modern Family and The Help, but I was paying the most attention to who sat with who, and who seemed fabulous and down-to-earth. And my conclusions helped me draw my 'Top 3' celeb girl crushes; in no particular order ...


Aren't they all just stunning and flawless?! Now, can someone give each of them my phone number so we can set up a lunch date, please?!

Happy Monday, lovelies! Who were your 'Best Dressed' last night?!


Jessica said...

Lu-uuuvvv Kate Beckinsale.

Miranda said...

Love Reese Witherspoon and Emma Stone. Would love to be their friends! But I also saw Amy Poehler & Tina Fey next to each other and they seem like so much fun!

Brittany said...

I did not see Emma Stone's dress last night and so happy you posted. It was gorgeous!! I LOVED Reese!! I thought she showed off her fabulous curves! Great choices!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! My personal fave was Lea Michele. LOVED her dress.

Happy Monday!

megs [at] Shine On & Skinny Up

Angie said...

Umm could not.agree.more! I love all 3! And they all looked just stunning!

Can I join the lunch date, too?! Ha Ha!

kourtney said...

I agree with you! I loved Reese, she looked so cute! And Kate, come on, she is absolutely gorg. I need her to come over and show me a few beauty tricks! I also loved Heidi Klum, her dress paired with the turqoise jewelry was so pretty!

Noe said...

Great Choices! Like Kourtney my personal favorite was Heidi Klum, OMG! she looked Gorgeous in that dress!
I also think Helen Mirren looked Darling in her navy dress! I SHOULD take lessons of "how to look sophisticated" with her...and Claire Danes looked so good on hers too! ...that open back design BEAUTIFUL! ..
am I the only one in love with Dianna Agron's Red choice?... also I think Zooey Deschanel stayed true to herself by wearing that a black and green Prada gown. It looked flattering on her!