Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Wish List: Tropical Vacay

It's never too early to start planning a tropical vacation, right? Right?! The big one-year anniversary is coming up in about 6 months, and B and I can't help but gush with excitement over where we will go for our anniversary vacation! You may think it's a bit too early for me to be planning this vacation, but a girl's got to have something to look forward to, right? And, what better to look forward to than a tropical vacation for two?!

B and I are huge fans of all-inclusive resorts. This is probably because we take full advantage of pool bars and mixed drinks during the daytime hours, and nobody wants to rack up an insane bar tab on vacation.  At least, not us. So, in typical newlywed fashion, we have decided that we're going to need to get a puppy sitter and take a nice, relaxing vacation in honor of our one-year!
Where might we be going, you ask? Some beautiful, tropical, all-inclusive resort which will most likely be in one of the following three places:
Beaches Resort: Turks and Caicos

Turks is one of the places on our "to visit before we have kids" list, and the idea of being at an all-inclusive in Turks makes me giddy!!

Sandals Resort: St. Lucia

Sandals, although typical and slightly cliche, I know many couples that have gone to their St. Lucia resort for their honeymoon and LOVED it! The added bonus of the St. Lucia location is that there are three resorts and you can use all three while you're there!

Excellence Resort: Punta Cana

We went to the Excellence Club in Playa Mujeres for our honeymoon, and were blown away by it, so it was a natural inclination to want to try their other resorts ASAP. I have been to Punta Cana before, but B hasn't and it has the added bonus of being a short flight away!

Have any of you been to any of these places or have any other awesome recommendations for us?? We will be traveling in early November, so we should be clear or hurricane season, and we will likely only be able to get one full week away from work for this. 
If you're interested to know, I think my vote goes to Turks, which comes with the added bonus of being the most expensive of our choices (of course). Hey, this lady has high class taste, what can I say??
Happy Hump Day!


Katie said...

We did our honeymoon at the Sandals in St. Lucia and it was ah-mazing!! Want to know anything else about it just email me! I think you'd love of those gorgeous vacations though!

Michal Renee said...

I just found your blog today and I'm so excited I did!! My finace and I are getting married in 38 days and we're already talking about our 1 year anniversary vaca! I strongly suggest the Sandals St. Lucia!! Our friends went on their honeymoon there and are already planning on going back! We plan to someday too but wanted a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon. :) Happy hunting!!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness, my dream vacation is to Turks too! We are planning on something in November as well :) We got married on October 22nd so we were going to take a 1 yr trip in November :) Maybe we will see ya there! Love all these locations, they look simply fabulous!

Raven said...

ok, so my nephew and his wife JUST VACATIONED at the Sandals in St Lucia and said it was AMAZING. Totally amazing.

We went to Punta Cana in January, but we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Did you like Punta Cana? I had quite the story about my experience there and we had the NOT added bonus that it was SO far to fly there, all in all, it took us 30+ hours to get there, no freakin joke.

We like to stick with Hawaii as our go-to tropical vacation as we love it and it has that added bonus of being a semi-quick flight :)

Unknown said...

Hey Pam!!!

I have only heard WONDERFUL think about T&C! My boss thinks that it is the best of the best! I have never been to a beaches resort, but I hear they are pretty good!

If you are going to go to Punta Cana, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Paradisus Palma Real... That is where Nick and I went on our honeymoon and it was beyond amazing... Everything is included... snorkel, horseback riding on the beach, non-motorized water equipment... etc..

It is one of the most expensive resorts on the island, but if you stalk all the trip websites it will eventually be priced around the same as the Excellence!!!! I do not have one complaint on this resort... I LOVED IT!!!!

I hope this helps!! XOXOXOXO

Unknown said...

Ummm.. yea, so I guess Nick was signed into google!!!! ITS ERIN!!!! NOT NICK!

Britt said...

Turks is my dream too...I vote for that!

Ashley Paige said...

Have you looked into all-inclusives in the Bahamas or Aruba? Having been there, we loved each of those places too! And they're fabulous, without the price tag of T&C. But you know me, we love T&C. We can't wait to go back! There really isn't much to do there- outside of the resort, but I guess that's what you're looking for when at an all-inclusive! Did you look at the Gansevoort there? If you're going to spend that much to stay there, definitely look into staying there. We had dinner there one night and it's AMAZING.. Absolutely beautiful!