Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bullet Lists: 'Cause I'm Organized Like That ...

Another week is almost over; how is that even possible?! We are adjusting well to our new weekly schedule. Life has been nothing short of busy, so I've had a lot on my mind. I keep asking myself why it is that I pack my weekends so full all the time? I must thrive on the busyness! Unfortunately, my blog has been one piece of the puzzle that has suffered over the last couple of weeks since I started my new job. So, because my brain is so full at the moment, I thought I'd dump some of it off here.

  • Last Friday we had dinner with friends at a cute little place right on the water here in Annapolis. Neither B or I had ever been there, and they just so happened to be having half priced bottle of wine night. Win, win. 
  • Saturday and Sunday were a blur. I cleaned our rental property (joy.), and visited one of my besties who is getting ready to have her first baby, and just bought her first home. And, I thought MY life was busy?
  • A couple from our small group also just had their first baby last week. A sweet little girl they named Alexis. She is precious! Babies, everywhere.
  • Speaking of babies, it is weird/bad that seeing and holding all of these little bundles has had the wheels turning in my head about when it will be our turn? We just got married six months ago. Is it too early to have these thoughts? Does it even matter? We both definitely want a few kids, but I am stuck in this place where my mind is telling me I'm we're not ready, and my heart is telling me I we are. And I'm getting closer and closer to thirty every day. I digress.
  • I saw two movies in the theater over the weekend. That was a record for me. Bridesmaids was HILARIOUS, but I could have done without the food poisoning scene. EW. Water for Elephants was very well done, but sort of hard to watch. Overall, I was impressed with the portrayal of the book and definitely happy that I read it before seeing the movie. 
  • Like I mentioned, I have started my new job, and am already three weeks in! Things are going great. I'm adjusting and the people are awesome. I have also picked up some social media consulting projects on the side. Yay for some extra saving-for-a-house money! B is so proud.
  • Speaking of saving extra money, I have used some of that extra money to buy myself some new things lately. Just a few recent trips to the JCrew outlet, and the decision to order the Canon t2i in June are where most of those dollars are going. God bless B's heart for having the patience to be married to a girl with a shopping problem!
  • How many of you watched the RHONJ premier on Monday night? Wowza, it was a doozy! I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that half of the women on the show live in Hometown, NJ. I will say that I am excited to see some new cast members, and I think they will definitely keep things interesting this season, to say the least!
  • In other, more exciting news, and because I know you were all on the edge of your seats with wonder, B and I did book our anniversary trip!! We are beyond excited, and want to thank each of you that left comments with your recommendations and experiences, they definitely helped with our decision!

 Where are we going, you ask? Drumroll please .....

OK, sorry, I know we're not really that big of a deal around here, but it was fun!

Our five night, six day stay will be at the Sandals La Toc Resort and Spa in St. Lucia!! We are BEYOND excited, and think that we made the absolute best decision for our first anniversary! I cannot wait for another few days away with my hubby. Our honeymoon was everything I could have hoped for and more, and I can only imagine that our first anniversary vacation will be exactly what this busy, newlywed couple needs! A few days away to reconnect sounds absolutely glorious.

Thanks again to everyone who recommended St. Lucia to us - now that we've made our choice, tell me about the fun things you did while you were there!!


    Neely said...

    I think its normal normal to have that reaction around babies

    Ashley said...

    I have never been to St. Lucia, but I would love love love to go there. That resort looks incredible.

    Perfectly Imperfect said...

    pretty jealous of your upcoming vacation!!

    so are you living in annapolis now? i love, love, love that town!

    Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

    So glad I found your blog via SWW!
    After reading a few posts, I have been hooked but this post has just sealed the deal - we are both very alike...

    I got married 9 months ago and also became a momma to a little furball called Zoe. We booked and went on our anniversary trip early because I write exams in October (we went to NYC and Disneyworld, Florida) I am also a shopaholic and there are babies all around us too - and I'm just as broody!

    Looking forward to following x