Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Wish List: New Summer Threads

Even though the weather outside has still been "frightful," I can't help but start daydreaming about summer days and trips to the beach. And, because I'm a clothes horse girl, I can't help but daydream about the pretty little spring and summer items I've been eyeing lately!

Something you may not already know about me is that I am addicted to the JCrew outlet. I am not the type that pays full price for my JCrew threads, so I like to take advantage of the "last season, bargain" prices. So, of course, I have picked out a few things that would go great in my closet!

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 And, who doesn't love the affordability of Forever 21? Truth be told, I have to be in the mood to shop in their stores, because it usually takes me at least an hour to sort through all of the piles and racks of mismatched clothing, but I have been known to find some treasures there! I check out their website from time to time, because they always seem to have limitless options, and it's broken down by category for you already.

Who doesn't love flirty sundresses?
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Despite Forever 21's low prices, I usually end up spending a pertty penny because I buy ten items instead of one or two. Oops.

And, of course, I'll never go another summer without my loves ...

What are you wearing this summer??


Sarah OUaL said...

Ooohhh there's a Banana Republic Outlet about an hour from here and I've been trying to scheme a reason to need to head down that way. Those sandals are so cute - I'm due for a new pair of cute everyday summer flats

Unknown said...

These are all adorable! I'd definitely let you shop for me! :)

Jillian said...

I wish I could buy clothes right now:) I want to loose the baby weight before I buy a summer wardrobe!! But I love Gap and Old Navy anything!!

Erica said...

Love the one shoulder dress. :)

Raven said...

I love those finds! LOVE LOVE LOVE J.crew. Unfortunately, there isn't one close so I do most of my shopping online. I can't WAIT for summer! Last week it was up in the 80s, and the forecast says we might get snow this weekend. WHAT?!?

Ashley said...

I especially love that one shoulder dress! I bought a couple of dresses for summer... one's navy and off-white striped, sort of nautical. Looks like you got some good stuff. (:

Neely said...

I love that first one shoulder dress