Monday, April 11, 2011

A Jell-O Thowback Weekend

Oh the life of young newlyweds; date nights, new puppies, parties with friends, trips to the ER .. Errm, what?! Yep, these things were all on our list over the past weekend here in the M household.

A little background: B and I are both very healthy and active (thank you, Lord!) and hope to continue down this path for many years to come. Flash forward to the present now, are you still with me? OK. Friday evening, I got my first job offer, and was super excited to share the news with B, and for us to use our free Friday night (a hot commodity around here) to celebrate with a happy hour date night. Well, we did just that, and the night was perfect. A fresh, brick oven pizza, a few cold beers, and a movie on the couch all snuggled up with Hubs and the pup = total bliss if you ask me.

B and I went to bed a little later than normal, but still at the decent hour of about 11:30 PM. The next thing I remember was B waking me up out of my dead sleep asking me which side your appendix was on, and if localized, sharp pains in his lower right abdomen might mean appendicitis? Well, thank God for my iPhone, because at 2:30 in the morning, this little wifey would have sworn your appendix was on your left side, and that he'd be fine. But, with a few clicks, we were wide awake, and on our way to our local ER to have him checked out.

Fast forward to 6:30AM - we have been seen and admitted down in the ER. They have run labs, which looked great, and have him scheduled for a cat scan, which came with the lovely preparation of drinking about a gallon of cherry-flavored "special juice." At this point, all signs were pointing to it being appendicitis, and we are just going to wait for the cat scan results to confirm. By this point, Riley had also been at home by herself for a few hours, and it was getting close to her usual wake-up/breakfast time. So, I head home to take care of her and pack her things to possibly head over to my in-laws place for the day. One hour at home somehow turned into two and a half, and B finds out that his cat scan showed absolutely no inflammation of his appendix. Weird.

So, it's 9AM and I'm headed back to the hospital to keep B company and find out what's next. We wait around a little while longer (until roughly noon), see a few more nurses and PA's, they run another set of labs, and conclude that it is not appendicitis, and that they feel comfortable releasing him to go home and rest with a prescription for pain killers in hand. While I was a bit scared to take him home to be under only my supervision, I think B was somewhat relieved that he could finally get out of the ER, and head back home to rest. So, we left the hospital, headed straight for CVS to get his prescriptions filled and surprisingly, made it home in one piece.

The hours that followed consisted simply of lounging, monitoring, and trying to fulfill his appetite with a mere liquid diet. I whipped up some chicken broth, broke out the Gatorade and then decided to get old school and throw together a big batch of good old Jell-O. Weekends and episodes like this take me back to times when I was sick as a kid, and my parents would take care of me. I have to say, B was a real trooper, and  was pretty proud of myself for not having a total breakdown in the middle of the ER. I guess you could say my maternal instincts kicked in? So, we'll continue to pray that B only gets better, and that this little "ER scare" will become a thing of the past.

Life as a newlywed sure can be exciting, huh?!


Erin said...

Poor B! Glad things are settling down!

Joanna Reynolds said...

Did they ever figure out what was going on with him? And has he been pain free? On the other hand...congrats on the job offer. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Unknown said...

So glad that it wasn't anything serious! Hope he is continuing to feel better!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Rough weekend girl!!

Hope he continues to feel better!