Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Wish List: Camera Edition

Wednesday Wish List is back, and this week, it really is all about something I am wishing for right now.

I mentioned it on The Twitter not long ago, that I am in the market for a D-SLR camera. I find myself drooling over the crisp pictures that they can take, and let's face it, my Canon point-and-shoot just isn't cutting it anymore.

I have always loved taking pictures, sharing pictures and looking through other people's pictures; it's one of the main reasons that I still use Facebook. Is that too stalker-ish?!

So, during one of our recent budget meetings, I told B that I had been yearning over the possibility of adding a pretty little D-SLR into our family. We are married now, and do exciting things like take the pup for walks and travel to NJ to visit my family, so naturally, we need one, right? Right. Truthfully, I always knew that I would want to up the anty when it came to cameras as soon as we were more settled down and within two years of starting our family.

So, thankfully my Tweeps came through big and gave me some thoughtful recommendations for my future D-SLR purchase. I have narrowed it down to these two Canon models:

What's the difference, you ask? Well, the t2i is the latest version of this camera, hence the $300 difference in price tag!

I would imagine that, being the always budget conscious wife that I am (haha, that's funny), that we will opt for the t1i at this point. I think it has everything that I need to start honing my photography skills, and should undoubtedly keep me busy for a while. 

Do any of you own D-SLR's and have advice for me before I take the plunge?

Oh, and while we're at it? I think B and I should add this little diddy to our fun tech toys as well, cause we'll need it someday for recording priceless videos of our kids, or dog, right?!


Neely said...

I want a new camera so badly!

Darci White said...

So glad you left a comment!!! And....

1.) Seriously, your wedding was gorgeous!! Congrats!
2.) Riley is precious....ahhh, sweet labs!
3.) Based on your 'about me' section, we more or less sound like the same person minus a few details!
4.) I need a new camera in a bad way! Going to look into the cheaper option of the two you posted. :)

Erika said...

We just got the t2i. We had the older version that we got as a wedding present in 2008 but it was stolen in Krakow, Poland on day 18 of 21 of our trip this past summer. Anywho:-) We went to Costco and got the t2i with insurance $$....we love love love it! I still have no idea how to use all the fancy options but it's great. However, we have found it on for WAY $400+ cheaper for the entire package that we got (extra lens, bag, memory card, etc). So keep your eyes open for deals on the t2i! Good luck!!!

Pamela M said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!!

Erika - thanks for the info, I will definitely check it out!!