Monday, March 7, 2011

A Dash of Spring Decorating!!

I have always had a flair for interior design and decorating. This is probably due to the fact that my Mom truly loves (and is great at) decorating a home. She can take an empty room and come up with a vision for it, and then put it all into action. I like to think that I got my home decorating taste from her, because, I can only hope that my house is as well decorated as hers some day. You know, when we have a real house, maybe?

Since B and I are in "saving money to buy a house" mode, we chose an adorable one-bedroom apartment for our first real "home" together. As adorable as our place is, there is only so much storage, and only so much decorating one can do with white walls and limited space! There are a few spaces through our place that I have chosen to use as my seasonal decorating spots for now. Around Christmas? I like to make our place look like Santa's workshop, or the Macy's in NYC during Christmas season, but that's a post for another day season.

Since Spring is starting to peek it's head out around these parts, I decided that our place needed a little color, and some freshening up! After all, isn't March too late to still have a Christmas red themed centerpiece on your dining room table?

So, I paid my typical weekly monthly visit to our local Home Goods (loooove that place!), and found some new goodies to make our place feel more springy!!

Here is the before - my very pretty, but super Christmas-y decorating that stayed with us until, oh last week?! My apologies for the camera quality, I am still using my little point and shoot for now!
The vase and candlesticks were engagement gifts that I LOVE, accessories from WalMart and Target!!

This plate rack is one of my absolute favorite things I have. My Mom passed it down to me a couple of years ago, and  I held onto it until we had a place of our own to use it in! That gorgeous pointsettia plate? A Williams & Sonoma puchase that I was able to use a gift card for. Score! The "Joy" plates are also from WalMart - gotta love that place!

And, now that we are ready to move onto more appropriate to the season items here in the M household, I present that after:

Most of the new accents seen here are from Home Goods :o) I love the detailing on these new plates!

The new blues, greens and yellows really make it feel like spring around here, although these pictures definitely made me notice how bare and white these apartments walls look. Sigh.

Do you decorate for seasons? Holidays? I'd love to get some new inspiration!!


Britt said...

Hi, new mom is an interior decorator too (no training, just has an amazing eye), and I like to think I get my knack from her too. She is also an amazing seamstress, and makes all the curtains in our houses, I need to get her to teach me. I love the plate rack, and you've made really cute choices for the different seasons! Hand me downs are the best :)

Pamela M said...

Aww, thanks! Yea, I have a long way to go, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Neely said...

LOOOVE the yellow!