Friday, March 25, 2011

Furbaby Friday and Stream of Consciousness

Is it Friday already?! If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I interviewed for a job on Wednesday that I am pretty excited about! As of now, I am still waiting to hear back about the second step - waiting is hard! Nevertheless, my apologies for my two-day hiatus. We are still here and excited for another weekend!!

I couldn't let this Friday go by without sharing one of the latest and greatest "Furbaby Friday" pics with you.

This is how I found Riley while I was sorting through piles of laundry (including our sheets, which is why our comforter was strewn across the floor!) I think this picture is just to die for!! Doesn't she look like a full-sized dog already?!

The other things going on around here can be described like this:
  • My March Madness bracket got totally busted last night - how did I manage to get ZERO points when FOUR games were on?
  • B is also out, because he chose Pitt to win it all in both of his brackets - I guess we won't be winning any prize money this year!
  • I am praying hard (and have my fingers and toes crossed!) that I will hear something about the next step with this job today, Lord willing!!
  • I have found myself wanting to branch out and try some new recipes in my kitchen - I just need to figure out where to start?!
  • True Confession: I have only worked out ONCE since we brought Riley home. That was about 7 weeks ago (Insert shame here!)
  • I have been craving a trip to the JCrew outlet this week - still working on how I can get B to come with me and let me buy some new threads (that I obviously do not need).
  • I think I'm going to buy my flight to Atlanta to visit my sister at the end of April today or this weekend. She just moved to Buckhead, and I can't wait to check out her new city!!
What are you all up to this weekend? We'll be staying in town, visiting with some friends, and taking Riley on some more playdates, of course! Hopefully I'll have some more goodies for you for Saturday Morning Scene tomorrow!
Happy Friday from the M's!!


Suze said...

Will be praying for you to get that job or hear something soon :)

so exciting you'll be visiting your sissy in the big ATL! so fun!

Riley makes me have puppy fever bad! sooo cute!

Hope yall have a fun restful weekend!

Raven said...

I was going to say that I have once worked out once since I brought my baby home, but then saw that Riley is a dog...haha! Too funny! Love your blog btw!!

Amanda said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! The waiting is SO HARD! Hope it doesn't last too long. Enjoy your weekend :)

Unknown said...

Riley is so cute - they grow SO fast!

Buckhead is such a pretty area! Last time I went to Atlanta, I stayed there and took their public transportation into ATL. You'll love it!

Suz said...

Your pup is so cute! Hope you hear something about the job soon!