Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wait, Whaaatt?!

Admit it, I'm not the only one addicted to this season of The Bachelor. I did watch last season, and watch Deanna break Jason's heart, so that may very well be why I've got his back this round, and boy has it been interesting!!

Did everyone watch last night?!! If not, beware, there is a SPOILER below!

So, to be totally honest, Melissa is my favorite. She has been for a few weeks now, and I felt HORRIBLE that her parents wouldn't meet Jason, cause that definitely puts her at a disadvantage. Oh well. I digress ..

I did NOT see last night's rose ceremony coming! Gillian?! I surely thought he would get rid of Molly, you know, with her being 24 and all?! I guess he likes 'em young, and who can really blame him? Haha.

Anywho. Is it bad that I am excited for them to bring back Deanna?? As sad as it is that she picked the dud last season, and is still out there "looking for love," it definitely makes for good TV! I cannot wait to see all the drama, too bad I have to wait 2 weeks?!?

Hope everyone had a wonderfullll love weekend!

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Lyndsy said...

I was sad about Jillian! I thought she was perfect for him! I am not sure I am rooting for either. I like them both, but I am just not 100%...I hear Jillian may be the next bachelorette!