Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Could I Be Any More Domestic?!?!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been "that girl" that everyone thought would marry first, have tons of babies, an adorably clean house (clearly), and be the stay-at-home Mom I've always wanted to be!! Let's just say, on all accounts - I'm working on it!

In the meantime, I like to think that I share a lot of common interests/daily activities with my newly married and newly maternal friends. And man on man does blogging help!!

What's my point?!

Well, I have been feeling extra domestic and productive this week, and figured I could share some tips! In the last few weeks, I have been overcome (thanks to inspiration from fellow bloggers, family & friends) with motivation to make my daily lifestyle the best it can be. I am doing this by:

  • Working Out - (be it cardio, strength, flexibility) at least 4 times per week, and I am LOVING it! I have been working out consistently for a while now, but the holidays took a toll on my routine(s). I have to thank my roommate for showing me this wonderful park behind our house, complete with nature trails, grills and picnic tables! It has become my new favorite place to run; that is, when it's not iced over, like it was on Saturday. I also bought a new Pilates DVD to do at home, you know, since the small gym I use at work has been buzzing with those that are sticking to their resolutions. Working out at home has become one of my new favorite things, especially since I like to keep some spontaneity in my workout routines.
  • Devotionals - I found a few great devotional books for women on-the-go, and it has been a great start or ending to each day. B and I have also been so good lately about making it to church (together) on Sunday mornings! This was one of our New Years resolutions, and a very important one to both of us, I think we're doing quite a good job for a couple who lives an hour apart!
  • Cooking/Diet - OK, I wouldn't call it "dieting" by any means, but I have found this new inspiration to really make a concerted effort to eat healthier. I have picked up a few new recipes lately, and have been cooking up a storm! (which B loves, of course) Thanks to my resident cooking guru, Aliya, I have had plenty of yummy and sensible recipes to choose from as of late. I have also been seriously enjoying my yogurt and blueberries breakfast, followed by an average of 2-3 salads per week for lunch. What has gotten into me?! Well, I do have an anniversary trip to prepare my beach bod for?!!?
  • Clean House - to be honest, I never really lost my motivation in this department, I have ALWAYS been very neat, and therefore, my dwelling-place reflects me well. I have had so much fun living in a house vs. an apartment over the last few months, and have had a chance to decorate for holidays and just for fun. I have also learned to take on further responsibilities like mowing the lawn, and taking the trash out on an actual trash day (what a grown-up, I know!) Well, in keeping with my clean/decorated house, I sometimes cannot resist a new purchase to spruce things up! This week, it was a fabulous rug for our entryway. I tried to find a picture on Target.com, but no luck!
Man, do I sound like Oprah's Best Life Week, or what?! I guess I thought I could pass on some of the inspiration I've been feeling lately to all of you!

In other news, I am on the pursuit for the perfect 2-year anniversary trip dress! Forever 21 is a staple for my wardrobe, plus I have a $50 gc left over from Christmas. Any ideas?!

Oh! I almost forgot - I thought of a great Valentine's Day gift for B; something we can share, and can get his 42" plasma involved, as well. I'm not sure if he'll read this, so inquire within for details!

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

It's good you can stay motivated. I really like the convenience of working out at home, but sometimes my home workouts aren't as intense as if I were to go to the gym.

Ashley Paige said...

JCREW has prettttyyyy anniversary dresses... especially since they've already begun putting out their spring line! we'll have to do a little *team* online shopping during our lunch breaks!

KP said...

I love you, but I think it is time you had a little west coast adventure...domestication can wait!