Monday, December 8, 2008

A winning weekend!!

Where do I begin?!

Alright. At the beginning, you win.

(Sidenote: "my wonderful boyfriend" as mentioned earlier, will now lovingly be referred to as "B")

Well, Friday night B and I went on a double dinner date with the Rinaldi's to Ray's Hell Burger (yes, refer to Aliya's post about how marvelous it is!) The burgers were fab, and it gave B and I a taste of something new in Arlington!

Post dinner - Aliya and I thought it would be fun to ditch the guys and go see chick flick, standard, right?! Not so much, not this time. According to Aliya - this has happened before - well, I thought it to be quite an odd experience!

We went to see "Nights In Rodanthe," at probably one of the last theaters it is still playing at. I was super excited because I had been dying to see it back when it came out, but never did.


We decide to see the late showing; and in our girlish manner, are totally excited for the film version of the phenomal book! Well, turns out, this amazing Nicholas Sparks book should have stayed that way; the movie did the novel no justice whatsoever.

The funny part, and the point of this post, you ask?! Well, with about 10 minutes left in the movie (maybe), the screen starts to flicker, and the sounds of Diane Lanes voice goes total robotic, and then the whole things dies. We are sitting in a theater with about 8 other people (two of which were guys whose prayers had just been answered by this meltdown), and it's now a white screen, after midnight, and takes us 15 minutes just to find that last soul working at th theater.

Long story short - we got free movie passes, and I think I'll be using mine to see a less "chick" flick this time. I am hereby recommending everyone see Will Smith's new movie, Seven Pounds; and hey, if you go with Aliya and I, maybe we'll leave the theater with more free passses!

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