Friday, December 12, 2008


Today there are many reasons to celebrate!

1) Please, Pam, state the obvious: It's FRIDAY! Do you ever notice how the energy around the office is just different on Fridays? Well, it is here, and at my last job. Everyone is just over it. Over this week. Ready to move on. Give me those two joyous, relaxing days in between! So, Happy Friday, everyone!

2) For JMU Nation (and for all of you who have recently become JMU football fans as a result of my inspirational story), we have another big game tonight! JMU will be taking on Montana (the team we beat back in '04 in the championship) at home. This is not only the first nationally televised game to take place at JMU, but the biggest game that JMU has ever hosted at home. We will all be parking it in front of various HDTV's to tune in for this match. WATCH: Tonight at 8 pm on ESPN 2!!

3) We have successfully made it through 2 of the 3 remaining full work weeks before Christmas! The closer it gets, the more the "christmas elf" in me starts to come out. More on this later. One more full work week to go, and then 9 blissful days of holiday vacation!

4) B and I have our first holiday party tonight. By holiday party, I mean, a few of our adorable girl friends are throwing a housewarming/holiday party at their place! It should be a great time, lots of friends, and hopefully, lots of photo opps!

This weekend also kicks off our celebration of Doyle, B's best friend, and by far, one of the greatest guys I know. His parents are hosting a going away party for him at their place Saturday night. Doyle is leaving us for med school on January 2nd, and he will be missed terribly in his short absence! More to come on this later, as well.

5) We have "officially" completed our Christmas shopping! (minus the one last gift that we have secured, but are waiting on, for B's brother) I have a great feeling of accomplishment this week, knowing that all that is left is the wrapping! Aliya and I have a festive day of gift wrapping, cookie baking and holiday-movie-watching planned for Sunday, don't you worry.

So, friends, let me leave you with this, and wishes for a happy weekend!

Also - check out the new MyTunes recommendations. I promise to have them done by the end of today!

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Errant said...

sounds like a very happy week end you're having ..

have fun !