Wednesday, December 10, 2008

holiday time at the office!

Well, the holiday season is officially here! I wish you all could see me jumping up and down at my desk (no, really.)

One of the best things about my job (other than the great people, and the fact that I love what I do), is how my whole office really gets into the holiday spirit. And, not just Christmas. We have had a Halloween bash, official potluck Thanksgiving, and weekly happy hours since I started here (not to mention the monthly birthday/engagement/congratulations parties.) What can I say? This is a very social place to work. And that is right up my alley!

Well, now that the Christmas/Hanukkah month is upon us, we have found more reason to celebrate around the office!

Just today, I went out to a lovely ladies lunch to celebrate, at the delicious, Passion Fish ( I highly recommend it!) Shortly after this delicious and filling lunch (and while my food coma is setting in), we receive presents from one of the girls! How cute. And, to top it off, the office threw a holiday/tree decorating/happy hour for us this afternoon!

Now, if all that doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, then maybe this will:

Suckers. You gotta love Love Actually, especially if you call yourself my friend.

I might as well call myself a Christmas elf, with all the inspiration that I'm stirring up in people! Clearly.

OK, off to finish my shopping. For real this time. Promise.

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